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Transforming with Toni

Good morning and TGIF everyone!
I woke up this beautiful morning asking myself a question that I will now pose to you. The question my friends is, “what gets you moving? What gets you out of bed early in the morning to go to the gym? What pushes you to hit the track and run after a long work day?”

Early on in my Weight loss journey I focused on all the negative things I felt about myself. I was uncomfortable in my own skin, I could only shop at plus size stores, I couldn’t wear a swim suit or eat the foods I really enjoyed. I felt trapped by my weight. As my weight loss journey continued I realized that though these issues are valid there had to be an unshakable belief deep down in me to help me through the tough days. The days I did not want…

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Welcome To My Blog! I’m Excited To Share a Little Bit of Me and My Journey

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Transforming with Toni

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a crazy busy mother of 6 (single birth, triplets, and a set of twins) that “expertly” balanced the weight of my personal life, kids, home, ministry, friends, family,and marriage. But epicly failed when it came to taking care of myself. My weight and health declined as my responsibilities increased. Before I knew it I was 268 pounds suffering from IBS, heel spurs, chronic back pain, knee pain, and no energy. I hated the pain I was constantly in. I hated what the scale said and what I saw in the mirror.

Of course like most I decided to get a gym membership and join a weight loss group. I believed that was the answer, however when that didn’t work, to my liking I joined jazzercise. “This has to be it,” I thought…I said to myself, “with exercising all I have to do is keep…

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Reach Beyond The Break!!

Reach Beyond The Break

Rimpology101 Family, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s a new season, it’s a new day family,  a brand new year given us by the Creator of all things!  I salute you all, and pray you receive Gods best and live in expectation for all that He has in store for you in this new yr, this new season of your life…..  Lets get started!

My life is filled with precious memories from my childhood and upbringing.  Some of my best memories were created while  attending Clark Road Missionary Baptist Church in Gary Indiana.  Oh the sound of the contemporary Gospel Choir.  Don’t hear to much of it now, its been replaced by the one man hype show (Kirk Franklin) and the “praise team.”  Guess you can call me old school, because I’m still a huge fan of the Gospel Choirs.

One of my favorite Gospel Choirs was the Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church Choir led by their Pastor, The Reverend Clay Evans…  Man could he tell a story!  One story I heard him tell has never left me, and it has become a form of motivation for me when times get hard and life isn’t easy.  I’m thankful I can reach back in my memory bank every now and then and pull this one out.  Rev. Clay Evans often told short stories as an introduction to a song, this particular story was called, “Reach Beyond The Break.”

There was a young man who went swimming the other day, the young man unfortunately went to far and ended up in deep waters.  The young mans father and his friends were standing on the bank.  When the father looked up and saw his son struggling and beginning to drown, the father began to panic, he himself could not swim.  Can you imagine seeing someone in trouble and there is nothing you can do about it, seems as if all hope is gone.  Well once the father came to himself, he looked around and saw a rope laying on the shore.  The father reached down and grabbed the rope and with all his might he threw the rope in the direction of his son!  He yelled to his boy, “son reach out and grab a hold of the rope!”  The young man caught the rope and the father began to pull his son to safety on the shore.  Not quite out of the deep waters, the son looked up and saw that the rope was beginning to break.  The young man began to panic and he yelled to his father, “Father, Father!! The rope is breaking, I’m not going to make it!”   At that moment the Father fastened his eyes on his sons eyes, and he yelled to him over and over, “Son, Reach Beyond the Break, and HOLD ON!”

My God has this story helped me through many a dark day my friends…  It’s so true that life at times can drown us and we are tossed to and fro by the waves and winds of our trials.  A great majority of them, like the young mans in this story,  are probably self-inflicted, but I thank God!!!  I thank him because when we are in the midst of our trouble, I mean in the heat of our mess, we too can call on our Heavenly Father and let him know our rope of  hope is breaking, my rope of joy is breaking, Father my rope of peace is breaking, my body is breaking, my marriage is breaking!  Father my children are breaking!  What ever that rope may be in your life, I’m so thankful we have a father who in the midst of it all can remain calm and let us know, that all we have to do is Reach Beyond the Break, and HOLD ON!!!!

Rimpology101 readers be encouraged my friends!  Reach beyond the break of 2013, grab hold of 2014, and HOLD ON!!!  Love ya, I want to hear from you!!   Please leave a comment, let me know you stopped by.  Thinking out LOUD is what I do best..  Peace…

How Can a loser Ever Win…


Hello my friends!  It feels so good to be writing again..  Thinkin out LOUD is what I love to do! let’s get started…

I wonder do you like who you see when you look at yourself in the mirror?  I’m not talking about the reflection of a Black, White, Asian, or Hispanic face staring back at you.  I’m talking about something deeper than what meets the eye.  You can be the most beautiful person in the world and look at yourself in the mirror and see absolutely nothing of value…  It’s a sad commentary when one rejects him or herself, and finds no value in the gift that he or she is to the world…

Its one thing to not get along with a meddlesome co-worker, or an annoying classmate.  Thank God they don’t go home with us, but what do you do when the person you hate the most sticks closer than a shadow, is with you wherever you go?  It’s impossible to get away from yourself isn’t it?

I’ve been there before my friends… Growing up literally hating who I was.  Never quite fitting in with the in-crowd at school, I was usually the subject of many hurtful jokes and mentally damaging humor by my peers.  I remember HATING my name with a passion!  I changed schools 8 or 9 times as a child and I remember the fear and anxiety every time I had to say my name in front of a class as the new student.  As soon as I pronounced my name the giggling and taunting would start… “My name is Sishman (sish-mun) Rimpson” I would say reluctantly.  I really didn’t like anything about me, especially my name, and for years I focused on being who I thought those around me wanted me to be…  What a sad commentary to despise the gift that we are to the world…

Recently my Pastor preached a message on self rejection, a very powerful and thought-provoking message indeed.  I learned in my journey that there was a two-fold danger when it came to me rejecting myself.  My childhood years were often laced with bouts of deep depression that I hid from my family. I kept it buried deep somewhere within, suppressed it so that no one would even know it was there.  The 2nd phase in my journey of self rejection came when I concluded in my own mind, “can’t nobody love me better than me.”  I literally went nuts on loving myself in a selfish, self-centered, kind of way… Whatever I wanted, I did anything within my means to get it.  Still paying the price today in my 30’s for the reckless decisions I made in my late teens and 20’s.   All because of self rejection and a deep identity crisis…

One of my favorite artist as a child is a man by the name of Al Green. My mom and dad would blast his music all throughout the night.  Al Green recorded a song entitled “How Can you Mend a Broken Heart,” and in one verse of this track he asks a profound question, but makes a powerful declaration at the same time, “How Can a Loser Ever Win.”  I submit to you my Rimpology101 readers that If in our mind we’ve already lost before we ever begin, we will be defeated every single time.

So how do we overcome self rejection? How do we move from the “I’m a loser mindset, to the “I’m winning” attitude?  Ephesians 3:19 says, “and to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God.”

In my journey I first had to connect with who created me.  What was my creators intent and what does He think about me?  What was in God’s mind when he thought about creating Sishman?  I figured In order to know who I really am, I had to find my identity in who our creator says that I am.  Lets see what He says concerning me:

Psalms 139 declares that I am Fearfully and Wonderfully made! Wow!!  God himself took extra precaution when making His most prized possession! I’m fearfully and wonderfully made!

1st Peter 2 says that I’m Royalty!  It says that I’m chosen, not rejected, but ACCEPTED!!

Jeremiah 29 says that God has plans for me!  Plans to give me hope and a future.. I’ve got something to look forward to!  I have to live expecting great things to happen in my life, I have a future in God!!

Ephesians 2 says I am God’s workmanship! What a privilege it is to know that I was personally worked on and molded by God Himself!! EVERYTHING God made is GOOD and has value, to include ME!

Colossians 2 says God has forgiven all my sins.. To know that he keeps no record of my wrongs gives me the freedom to be all I can be for Him.  I feel I owe God my best for what He’s done for me!  He didn’t even reject me, when I was worthy of being rejected by Him. Instead He loved me… Wow!

1 Corinthians declares that I am God’s temple!!  Really!!!!!  God thinks that much of me that He Himself wants to dwell within me!!!!  That is AWESOME!!

So if God be for me, who can be against me!!  I mean if He is with me even through the valley of the shadow of death, I don’t have to fear anything!!  To include rejection!!!

My friends, we must let this mind that was also in Christ Jesus be in us! We have to constantly renew our minds and see ourselves how God see’s us.  When our thoughts don’t align with His thoughts, we must take authority over the negativity.  We literally have to think about what we’re thinking about 🙂

When we place Gods view of us through His word in its rightful place in our lives, we won’t be moved by people and feel we have to be something or someone we’re not.  We will be comfortable, confident, and joyful being exactly who God made us to be!  In conclusion, If God is on our side, we’re never losing my friends.. We’re always VICTORIOUS!!!!!

It’s Rimpology101 sharing a piece of me with you on tonight!  I love to think out LOUD!!  Yaw know how we do it up in here 🙂  I want to hear from YOU!  Please leave a comment, don’t just spectate, but participate!  Appreciate all of your feedback!  Peace, until next time!

The Case for JESUS Name!!


Hello Rimpology101 followers and guest!!! I love talking to you all!!  I know I’ve been off the scene for quite some time, but I’m back!  I will try my best to not stay away that long ever again. Believe it or not, I need YOU, way more than you need me!  “Thinking out LOUD” is therapeutic for me.  Its a release, an avenue for me to express and articulate the thoughts that run through my mind.  Today we’ll be discussing a thought very dear to my heart, the “Jesus Name debate”…  A very popular discussion in many religious circles.   Cmon, lets dive in!

Colossians 2:9 says “For in him (Jesus) dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily”  same book, Chapter 3:17 declares, “And EVERYTHING you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”

The enemy of God, the devil…  Has 3 primary objectives noted in the Gospel of John chapter 10 Vs10, it says he (the thief) has come to steal, kill, and destroy.  Its no secret that a popular strategy when trying to conquer a group or more than one person is to divide them, and ultimately conquer them.  Think about for a moment how a pack of Lions hunt their prey.  They scope out and identify the weakest link, and then strategically plan there attack in a way that will separate the weakest link from the rest of  the group.  Once separated the lions are able to go in for the kill and there’s nothing at that point the family of the prey can do it about it.

Its my belief that this same strategy is being used by the devil today to bring division within Christendom as a whole.  After all, the Apostle Peter does make mention of the devil being as a roaring lion walking around seeing whom he may devour correct?   Its the divide and conquer strategy, and sad to say his plan has been successful in getting the visible church to be divided over doctrine or the interpretation of it.

In Christendom there is a debate stemming from a passage of scripture found in the Gospel of Matthew Ch: 28 Vs 16 – 20.  It is there where you will find Jesus giving the disciples what is commonly referred to as “The Great Commission”…  The conflict or the question of interpretation is found in Vs 19 where Jesus says and I quote from the King James version of the bible, ” Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

The interpretation of what Jesus said here has caused a great divide in the visible Church.  What is the correct formula of administering the Baptism that Jesus refers to in the aforementioned text?  Is “the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost” the formula?  Are all of those Offices referring to “A Name”??  Or does it not matter at all, as long as the person submits to ” a baptism?”

According to what I have read and studied in scripture, I am “PRO Jesus Name”…  Leaving out our denominational affiliations or religious organizational ties, and focusing on scripture alone, I find it hard pressed for any believer of the Bible to say otherwise.  Mind you, I was initially baptized as a child by a preacher using the formula “And of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Ghost”.  It wasn’t until I became an avid reader and lover  of the word of God that a conflict was revealed in my experience and what I read in the experience of Jesus followers in the book of The ACTS of the Apostles.  Specifically ACTS 2:38 where Peter and Apostle of Jesus is asked by a believer what must he do to be saved?  Peters answer puzzled me, he told the man to repent, and be baptized in “The Name of Jesus” for the remission of sins, and that he would receive the gift of the Holy Ghost!  I asked myself, why didn’t Peter do what Jesus said to do in Matthew 28 and 19….. I began to pray for revelation and an intense study ensued of Jesus’s Great Commission…

The 1st thing that was revealed to me in reference to “The Great Commission” was that Jesus said “NAME,” as in singular! He didn’t say in “The Names” of, but he alluded to “a name” that encompasses all of the titles He mentioned in the text.  Secondly I looked throughout the Book of ACTS to see how His Apostles carried out His instructions, and in every instance where a baptism took place, it was done using the name of Jesus…

I then began to ask myself why should I find it so shocking or un-biblical to administrate baptism in Jesus name if I administrate other biblical actions in the name of Jesus also.  For example, the Apostles and even Believers today, heal in the name of Jesus, we pray in the name of Jesus, and most importantly salvation comes through belief in Jesus!!  The Apostle Paul said in Romans 10:9, “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Peter said in Acts 4:12 “Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other NAME under heaven given among men by which we MUST BE SAVED”  So I concluded that if Peter and Paul found the name of Jesus important enough that salvation comes through that Name, why should I resist the belief that baptism also should be administered in that name?

I had to come to grips with the dangers of traditionalism and pride working within me!  Tradition meaning that I would follow or practice what was taught me without questioning or even studying the scriptures for myself.  Pride, meaning that I would have to admit that I didn’t have it all, and that there was a deeper relationship Jesus was calling me to.

Its really not about who’s right or who’s wrong here, I believe the goal or the reward is the perfect will of God for all of us.  I want to meet the person other than Jesus who have exhausted everything there is to know about the Word of God.  Let me tell you a secret rimpology101 readers, that person doesn’t exist!  We are all growing in the knowledge of God as we continue to seek Him through a relationship with His son Jesus! Through seeking and relationship “revelatory knowledge” concerning the Father and His will for us is given.

So in conclusion, I follow the evidence where it leads and believe that Baptism in Jesus Name is the correct way to administer water baptism according to the Word of God.  I can say a lot more, but now I want to hear from YOU! You know what to do, scroll down and leave a reply, say something!!!  Thinking out LOUD is what we do! Love yaw!!  Peace

The “PURPOSE” of it all!!


Have you ever wondered “why”?   Have you ever wanted God to explain to you why did this or that have to happen in your life?

What is the purpose of my life, the purpose of my disappointments, failures, accomplishments, my pain, my trials?  Are they all just under the umbrella of coincidence? Or does everything that has happened, or will happen to me serve a greater Purpose in my life?  Is there something going on behind the visible reality that I can’t see, but I’m told to have Faith that “All of these things are working together for good”…

It is my belief Rimpology101 readers, that all of our lives have already been orchestrated, worked out, and predestined by a God we can’t see.   One of God’s attributes is that He already knows the end of a thing before it ever begins in time.  So that would mean since our end is predestined, everything that happens in this life have already been used by God to bring about an expected end or purpose!  EVERYTHING, the good and the bad in the Hands of God has PURPOSE!  Think about it,  have you ever said to yourself, “Had I not gone through that, I would have never achieved this, or knew that I had the strength to deal with that?” Of course when we are going through we can’t see God in the midst of so much pain or disappointment, it’s usually hindsight that gives us a glimpse of His Glory that’s always been active in our lives.

I’m reminded of a particular passage of scripture in the book of Exodus that details the happenings surrounding a question that Moses asked God.  He asked God to “Show him His Glory”…  God proceeded to tell Moses that it was impossible for anyone to see His face and stay alive, He then told Moses that He would allow His Glory to pass by him, but first Moses had to go and stand on a rock of Gods choosing, God then told Moses to hide within the cleft of the rock, and lastly He said that when His Glory passed by He would cover Moses with His hand, and after the Glory have passed He would remove his hand and allow Moses to see Him from Behind…  This particular scenario in the Bible to me defines the true meaning of Purpose and Predestination.

Lets look deeper into the scene as its played out in the book of Exodus…  He tells most Moses to stand upon a rock.  This lets us know that certain things will only be revealed in our lives when we get to a certain place.  God couldn’t further reveal himself to Moses until Moses reached a certain place in his life… He then tells Moses that He will cover Moses with His hand while He walked by…  I’m sure Gods presence as was depicted several times throughout the Old testament was very Fearful!! I’m sure the ground under Moses feet shook, Moses heard and felt the winds blowing, the thunder rolling and lightning flashing!  I’m sure it was a most awesome and terrible moment for Moses, although He couldn’t see what was going on around him, all he knew was in the midst of it all, God had him covered!

Life at times seems like a natural disaster doesn’t it?  Seems like the foundation underneath our feet is sinking sand, the winds and storms of life seem to rage relentlessly, and like Moses we can’t see God in it at all.  We have to trust the Word of God just like Moses did, believing even through the worst of it all, GOD has me covered!

Lastly, God told Moses that after He passed by him, He would remove his hand and allow Moses to see Him from behind, or translated He would allow Moses to see WHERE HE HAD BEEN!!  Wow!!  So what God did was revealed to Moses “The Purpose of it all”… He showed Moses why as a baby he allowed him to be saved and accepted into Pharaohs kingdom when all the other infants were killed, He showed him how He was the one who placed a passion inside of him to see his fellow Hebrew people freed from bondage, He showed Moses that even during his 40 year wilderness experience, that he was the one who orchestrated his life for a set purpose to bring about an expected end!  He allowed Moses to see and understand that he was Chosen for this life, and everything that happened to him in his past was all apart of the process of him becoming who God had purposed him to be!!  Rimpology101 followers you are no different my friends…  Everything in your life that has happened and will happen I promise you is serving a purpose even if you don’t understand it now.  Comfort yourself and others with these words my friends, even through the storms of life, God has you covered, and you may not understand it now, but one day He’s going to remove His hand let you see that He was there all the time molding and shaping you through your trials to bring out what was needed for you to fulfill your purpose in this life.   Bless you my faithful Followers!!  I want to hear from you…  Comment, talk back to me!!  Its Rimpology101 doing what we do best “thinking out LOUD”…  Peace


I Brought ya in this World, & I’LL TAKE YA OUT!!!




Rimpology101 is back!! Believe me, I’ve missed you all too! Writing for me is so therapeutic at times, I should never take breaks! 🙂 I appreciate every person who visits the site to hear me “Think out LOUD”, because as you know, that’s what I do best 😉

Everyone by now have heard of the recent unfortunate happenings in the life of a famous pastor and his infamous 15 yr old daughter. Allegedly, the Reverend did not allow his teenage daughter to go to a party, and she became irate and disrespectful! According to reports, the argument became physical, and the young lady accused her Father of choking her and punching her. She went as far as having the Reverend arrested! The famous Pastor denies ever laying a hand on his youngest daughter.

So my question to you the reader, is when, or is it ok to “physically” discipline your child?? Is there an age limit on spankings?? Or when do you start spanking, 3yrs old? 5yrs old?

Listen, one thing is certain! Every child needs “discipline”.. Should physical discipline be the only option when administering punishment? NO! As a Parent, I’ve learned we will make mistakes… I haven’t got this parenting thing right all the time.

I learned something early on when we started having children, and that was not to discipline at all when I was angry! I don’t believe that every Parent that has abused a child meant to hurt that child! I believe that “some” of the instances were actually “accidents”…Now in no way shape or form am I making an excuse for abuse!!! But as a Parent, I do know that it takes “discipline” and self-control on our part to be effective in administering punishment to our children!

I cant say what I would do if one of my children outright disrespected me!! But I do agree with Mr. Bill Cosby when he told Theo, ” I brought ya In this world, and I’ll Take ya out!!” 🙂 It’s back in the building!! I need to here from YOU!!! What do you think about physical discipline?  We think out LOUD all day long! Holla back…Peace