How Can a loser Ever Win…


Hello my friends!  It feels so good to be writing again..  Thinkin out LOUD is what I love to do! let’s get started…

I wonder do you like who you see when you look at yourself in the mirror?  I’m not talking about the reflection of a Black, White, Asian, or Hispanic face staring back at you.  I’m talking about something deeper than what meets the eye.  You can be the most beautiful person in the world and look at yourself in the mirror and see absolutely nothing of value…  It’s a sad commentary when one rejects him or herself, and finds no value in the gift that he or she is to the world…

Its one thing to not get along with a meddlesome co-worker, or an annoying classmate.  Thank God they don’t go home with us, but what do you do when the person you hate the most sticks closer than a shadow, is with you wherever you go?  It’s impossible to get away from yourself isn’t it?

I’ve been there before my friends… Growing up literally hating who I was.  Never quite fitting in with the in-crowd at school, I was usually the subject of many hurtful jokes and mentally damaging humor by my peers.  I remember HATING my name with a passion!  I changed schools 8 or 9 times as a child and I remember the fear and anxiety every time I had to say my name in front of a class as the new student.  As soon as I pronounced my name the giggling and taunting would start… “My name is Sishman (sish-mun) Rimpson” I would say reluctantly.  I really didn’t like anything about me, especially my name, and for years I focused on being who I thought those around me wanted me to be…  What a sad commentary to despise the gift that we are to the world…

Recently my Pastor preached a message on self rejection, a very powerful and thought-provoking message indeed.  I learned in my journey that there was a two-fold danger when it came to me rejecting myself.  My childhood years were often laced with bouts of deep depression that I hid from my family. I kept it buried deep somewhere within, suppressed it so that no one would even know it was there.  The 2nd phase in my journey of self rejection came when I concluded in my own mind, “can’t nobody love me better than me.”  I literally went nuts on loving myself in a selfish, self-centered, kind of way… Whatever I wanted, I did anything within my means to get it.  Still paying the price today in my 30’s for the reckless decisions I made in my late teens and 20’s.   All because of self rejection and a deep identity crisis…

One of my favorite artist as a child is a man by the name of Al Green. My mom and dad would blast his music all throughout the night.  Al Green recorded a song entitled “How Can you Mend a Broken Heart,” and in one verse of this track he asks a profound question, but makes a powerful declaration at the same time, “How Can a Loser Ever Win.”  I submit to you my Rimpology101 readers that If in our mind we’ve already lost before we ever begin, we will be defeated every single time.

So how do we overcome self rejection? How do we move from the “I’m a loser mindset, to the “I’m winning” attitude?  Ephesians 3:19 says, “and to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God.”

In my journey I first had to connect with who created me.  What was my creators intent and what does He think about me?  What was in God’s mind when he thought about creating Sishman?  I figured In order to know who I really am, I had to find my identity in who our creator says that I am.  Lets see what He says concerning me:

Psalms 139 declares that I am Fearfully and Wonderfully made! Wow!!  God himself took extra precaution when making His most prized possession! I’m fearfully and wonderfully made!

1st Peter 2 says that I’m Royalty!  It says that I’m chosen, not rejected, but ACCEPTED!!

Jeremiah 29 says that God has plans for me!  Plans to give me hope and a future.. I’ve got something to look forward to!  I have to live expecting great things to happen in my life, I have a future in God!!

Ephesians 2 says I am God’s workmanship! What a privilege it is to know that I was personally worked on and molded by God Himself!! EVERYTHING God made is GOOD and has value, to include ME!

Colossians 2 says God has forgiven all my sins.. To know that he keeps no record of my wrongs gives me the freedom to be all I can be for Him.  I feel I owe God my best for what He’s done for me!  He didn’t even reject me, when I was worthy of being rejected by Him. Instead He loved me… Wow!

1 Corinthians declares that I am God’s temple!!  Really!!!!!  God thinks that much of me that He Himself wants to dwell within me!!!!  That is AWESOME!!

So if God be for me, who can be against me!!  I mean if He is with me even through the valley of the shadow of death, I don’t have to fear anything!!  To include rejection!!!

My friends, we must let this mind that was also in Christ Jesus be in us! We have to constantly renew our minds and see ourselves how God see’s us.  When our thoughts don’t align with His thoughts, we must take authority over the negativity.  We literally have to think about what we’re thinking about 🙂

When we place Gods view of us through His word in its rightful place in our lives, we won’t be moved by people and feel we have to be something or someone we’re not.  We will be comfortable, confident, and joyful being exactly who God made us to be!  In conclusion, If God is on our side, we’re never losing my friends.. We’re always VICTORIOUS!!!!!

It’s Rimpology101 sharing a piece of me with you on tonight!  I love to think out LOUD!!  Yaw know how we do it up in here 🙂  I want to hear from YOU!  Please leave a comment, don’t just spectate, but participate!  Appreciate all of your feedback!  Peace, until next time!


4 thoughts on “How Can a loser Ever Win…

  1. one of the most difficult task and one we take for granted is loving ourself. for many years i had no mirrors in my house, i didn’t want to even look at myself, I have learned : 1.God loves me unconditionally 2.God wants me to learn to love Him with my entire being, God desires an upclose and personal relationship with me 3. God wants me to learn to love myself, and 4.only then can i love others.
    Thanks for sharing Sish
    your name has been in our family for more than five genrations…smile

  2. Brotha sishman, you have all the “self help” and “self important” gurus rolling over and over in their intellectual minutia. Can you hear them complaining to your sponsors to take you off the blogosphere because with post like this, they will soon be out of business. (Laughing out loud.)

    Seriously though, to show I might be kidding about the self help gurus, here is a quote that comes to mind after reading your post,

    “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

    Søren Kierkegaard

    It is so intuitive of you to take your past experiences and show how God trumps all that …

    “When we place Gods view of us through His word in its rightful place in our lives, we won’t

    be moved by people and fill we have to be something or someone we’re not.”

    n Sishman rimpson

    The one ting the gurus in self help practice which have been lost on the part of us who teach and preach and share the good news of the Gospel of jesus Christ, is how to make practical, make personal, and make user friendly the truths of God’s word.

    You have mastered all 3 leaving us all with a sense of purpose, belonging, and determination that if god is for us than who in their right mind can be against us. In a powerful and illustrative fashion, you answer the question raised …

    How Can a loser Ever Win…

    Now I know perhaps I should end my comments right here, but I can not help my self. So indulge me for another line or two.

    There is some ting on this list many do not know bout Sishman rimpson that I’d like to share. But let me prefer4ence it with a scripture …

    Acts 28:31

    He proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ—with all boldness and without hindrance!

    When sishman was growing up they nick named him “Little Man” as he was named after his grandpa. Today Sishman, you are “big Man” and you possess a bold heart brotha for teaching, informing, and inspiring. I have a bold suspicion I speak for others on this list and even those who are still struggling to find their rightful identity in Jesus Christ. So plese continue to think out loud and glorify God in heaven.

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