Welcome To My Blog! I’m Excited To Share a Little Bit of Me and My Journey

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Transforming with Toni

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a crazy busy mother of 6 (single birth, triplets, and a set of twins) that “expertly” balanced the weight of my personal life, kids, home, ministry, friends, family,and marriage. But epicly failed when it came to taking care of myself. My weight and health declined as my responsibilities increased. Before I knew it I was 268 pounds suffering from IBS, heel spurs, chronic back pain, knee pain, and no energy. I hated the pain I was constantly in. I hated what the scale said and what I saw in the mirror.

Of course like most I decided to get a gym membership and join a weight loss group. I believed that was the answer, however when that didn’t work, to my liking I joined jazzercise. “This has to be it,” I thought…I said to myself, “with exercising all I have to do is keep…

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