Her FIRST date!


To those of us that are blessed to be parents, I think we would all agree that some of the greatest lessons we’ve received as adults have come from our children! They don’t have a worry in the world! They believe with all there heart that mommy and daddy have all the answers to every question they ask! They emulate the type of faith we as parents ought to have in our Heavenly Father ūüôā

Tonight, I want to share with you, the rimpology101 readers, a lesson I learned from my eldest child, my daughter, Ameia Renee Rimpson. A beautiful young lady she is! Never seeks attention, and in most cases is overshadowed by her younger triplet brothers and twin sisters. Its a common scene on a Rimpson family outing. Everyone is in awe of the triplets and twins, while Ameia (me-me) stays next to mommy and daddy, never jealous, but at times it seems as if she’s proud, proud to be the big sister to such an extraordinary family!

As a Father, its very easy to fall into the warped thinking that because we work hard, and sacrifice so much, our families AUTOMATICALLY know that we love them! Even if we don’t say it everyday. Yep, that was me, guilty as charged. But I didn’t realize the damage it was causing, especially to my Me-Me…

One day while driving home from work, I was in deep thought about what I should purchase Me-Me for her birthday, she was turning 9 years old in a couple of weeks, and I wanted to get her something special! I’ll never forget, I exited off the freeway, approached the red light, and I heard a voice say to me in my mind, “Take Me-Me on her FIRST DATE”! I literally got excited at just the thought of it! For the rest of the ride home I put a game plan together! My wife would do her hair in a different appropriate for her age style,she would put a little polish on her nails! Let her pick out her favorite dress! I wanted this to be huge, and all about Me-Me! I had no idea how much of an impact that moment would have in both me and my daughters life…

The day was finally here, Me-Me had been waiting in expectation for her FIRST date with the first and only man she’s ever known, her Daddy! She was so excited, her mom and I did everything we could to boost the momentum of this AWESOME occasion, this was my baby’s FIRST date!

Before arriving home from work to pick up my date, I stopped and purchased 2 gifts for my daughter, a lock box, and a diary… In the first few pages of her diary, I wrote my daughter a letter. I shared with her how proud I am to be her Father, I told her that I have no greater joy in life than to see a smile on her face… I shared quite a bit with my daughter in that letter, most of it will always be between she and I ūüôā I said to myself as I was writing, “I cant wait until she is old enough to understand what I wrote, maybe in a few yrs”….

So I had the gifts, grabbed some flowers, and I arrived at our home. I was decked out in my favorite black suit, and Me-Me in her favorite dress! I opened the door, and yelled Me-Me are you ready? She came downstairs glowing! She was so excited y’all! I had never seen such a glow on my daughters face before. This was her moment! She looked so beautiful! The other five children wanted to go so bad, but I said no no no! This night is for daddies special little lady! Me-Me wasn’t the only one really excited. I got out of the house just in enough time to wipe the tears from my eyes without my family seeing me. I didn’t realize how special this night was until that moment, and I was overcome with emotion ūüôā

With her flowers in hand, I made sure I was the perfect gentleman! She didn’t have to lift a finger, she literally smiled all the way to our destination! She didn’t know it, but I had made reservations at the “Towers of America’s” restaurant, a major attraction in the city of San Antonio. The “restaurant in the sky”! At the very top, it overlooks downtown San Antonio, its a beautiful view! I told her to order anything she wanted on the menu, and just like mom, it was no coincidence that she chose the most expensive thing on the menu ūüôā It was ok tho, this was her night!

After dinner and desert, I presented Me-Me with hers gifts, first her lockbox, and lastly, her diary…

As my daughter opened her diary and began to read, I was overwhelmed with emotion as I saw the tears form in her eyes! My baby actually understood what I put in that letter! After reading it, she jumped up and ran into my arms as if SHE NEEDED TO HEAR THOSE WORDS FROM HER DADDY!! She cried so hard in my arms, and it was at that moment that I knew God had spoken to me when he told me to “take Me-Me on her FIRST date!” I didn’t understand the impact when I first heard, but at that moment chills went down my spine! Something happened to my daughter that night! Any doubt she had that her daddy didn’t love or care for her WAS ELIMINATED, drowned in LOVE!

A standard was set with her first date! When the time is right, whoever you are young brotha, you better come correct! She already has a standard!

A standard that was ordained by God through her daddy, on her FIRST DATE..

Its rimpology101, sharing a piece of me with you…. Love n Respect


Facebook BEEF!! Don’t start none, wont be none!!




What’s beef? Beef is when you need two gats to go to sleep,¬†Beef is when your moms ain’t safe up in the streets, BEEF IS WHEN I TALK ABOUT YOU ON MY FACEBOOK WALL,,,,wait,,What!! ¬† Is that what beef is now??

We all have¬†Facebook¬†accounts, and some of us are very familiar with those FB Friends who can’t contain themselves, the one’s who show a lack of restraint by putting personal business, or disagreements out in cyber world for ALL TO SEE.

Just recently I was awarded the privilege of seeing a Baby Mama/Baby Daddy throw down on the face book wall!  It was full of all the four letter words you can imagine, and friends of both individuals jumped in to give there two cents on the matter!  One word to describe what I saw,,, SAD!

People fail to realize that once you put something out here in cyber land, its hard to reach in and pull it back without an opinion being formed on your character. ¬†Facebook is definitely an awesome tool for connecting with friends of old, and an even greater asset when trying to promote something of your choosing, what we don’t see is that Facebook is a genius when it comes to Character¬†Assassination!

What makes me laugh the most is that most of the updates where folk are taking shots at other people are not even aimed at the other person!! They aren’t even friends on¬†Facebook¬†anyway!! ¬†Which leaves me with the conclusion, that its not beef the person updating there status is looking for, it’s¬†SYMPATHY!

Yes, the “false sympathy” that one gets from putting all there business on¬†Facebook, and with the click of every “like” somehow that person feels a little better. ¬†Regardless of the reputation and character¬†assassination¬†of all parties¬†involved, somehow you feel better…Really??

I want to know your thoughts on “FACEBOOK BEEFS”.. Are they really beefs at all, or just a cry for attention? Have some of your relationships with friends changed because of things said on Facebook?

Its rimpology101.com, Thinkin out LOUD all day long! ¬†Can’t wait to hear from you. ¬†peace


Over 30, but dressing like you’re UNDER 20! STOP IT!!



DISCLAIMER!!¬† I am no fashion expert, don’t¬†desire to be!¬† However, I do believe that there is an unwritten dress code that¬†all of us SHOULD follow!

I believe that as one gets older, the style of dress should change with the age to some extent.¬† Be advised that it is possible to stay trend-conscious yet “age-appropriate”.

It concerns me today when I see my peers (30 and up) trying to stay on top of the latest “swag” fashions and youthful designs within society.¬† Nothing is more GROSS in my opinion, than seeing a 35-year old man¬†in skinny jeans that resemble¬†stockings because there so tight, and shoes that stay below¬†his ankles!¬† STOP IT!!¬† You’re to old for that foolishness!

This problem of not wanting to reflect our age is nothing new at all!¬† When I was coming up in the 90’s, FUBU¬†was the designer of our generation, and just like you have over 30yr old¬†folk wearing skinny jeans today, you had over 30yr old¬†folk wearing FUBU back in the day!¬† It was horrible back then too.¬† ūüôā

Ladies,, you are not out of the water either!!¬† Modesty, especially as you get older is a must! Trying to relive the fashion statements you made in your twenties, in most cases will not work for you in your 30’s!¬† To be quite honest, you look THIRSTY, and SILLY trying to squeeze and manuever yourself into articles of clothing that no longer compliment who you are today at 35!!

STOP IT!!¬† ūüôā

Look, all I’m¬†saying is embrace who you are today, show these youngsta’s¬†out here what the epitome of cool and class looks like…

I want to hear your thoughts..  Do I have it wrong?  Am I just old-fashioned?  Let me know what you think.

It’s Rimpology101, thinkin out LOUD is what I do best!¬† Peace


Defeating the BULLY in your life!



Kids can be the most cruel 4ft tall people on God’s green earth! I can remember as a child having to deal with 2 people in particular who I would classify as “BULLY’S”… Not that they were bigger, or tougher than I was, that wasn’t it! I allowed those individuals to gain a “mental advantage” over me.

I am a firm believer in the principle of “positive thinking!” I have to many testimonies as proof that when you have already WON IN YOUR MIND, it will manifest itself in the natural! What do you mean Rimpology??

Case and point, I was in the 4th grade and was bullied daily by this particular heathen of a child. He was no bigger than I, he talked like he was 7ft, 250lbs. For some reason, I was terrified of this individual. I did everything in my power to avoid him, I was embarrassed that I felt that way, I was already “defeated” im my mind.

One day while at gym class, this individual started his regular assault on me, and he pushed me, and immediately in my response I pushed back, and to my surprise, he fell! The rest of the kids were like “ooooh”… ūüôā His confidence was shaken, he didn’t expect that from me. I saw fear in his eyes, I liked what I felt!

Brothers and Sisters I can not put into words the boost of confidence, and assurance that moment gave me, it literally changed my life!

Not only could I stand up to the bully, I could knock him down as well!! It was on like Donkey Kong then! ūüôā We fought a few times after that, but I never had a problem with this individual again. We actually became friends.

That moment some 20 years ago, taught me a great lesson in life, “Confidence in self is huge!” We may not be fighting a bully everyday in the form of a person, however, the system we live in, if we allow it to will bully us, will take advantage of us. It will have us afraid to step out and dream BIG DREAMS! It will cause us to believe we are inferior to our peers, and that there is only a certain level of success out here in this world for us to achieve!

How do you defeat any and all bully’s that would dare stand in your way?

FIRST, you must believe that YOU CAN!! If you have faith and believe that you are not limited or inferior, but are more than capable to do WHATEVER YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO,, THEN YOU WILL! Point blank Period! YOU WILL!! Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing can stand against the power of the HUMAN WILL!!

God himself have made it that way, HE won’t even touch it! In fact, the Word of God says, “SO A MAN THINKETH, SO IS HE!” so if you “will to do a thing” in your heart, you’ll do whatever you need to do to make it come to pass. You Just have to believe that YOU CAN!

Yes!! I Believe the impossible to be achievable!! Yes suh!! ūüôā

My friends, you’ve got to believe that you’re awesome, and that failure is NEVER an option! Believe that there is GREATNESS within you longing to be set free!! Knock those Bully’s in your life down to the floor, and walk over them as you move forward into the unlimited potential of your DESTINY!

I typed myself happy with this one! ūüôā

Peace, It’s rimpology101, thinkin out Loud all day every day!

Now’a days EVERYBODY goin to Heaven!!




It’s amazing to me how when somebody, anybody dies! Whether they were angelic here on earth or not, “people” give them a free pass to the pearly gates!

Maybe we do this just to make ourselves feel good, or perhaps we don’t¬†want to feel condemned because we’re living the same lifestyle as the person that passed away??¬† Whatever the case, no one ever says REST IN TORMENT, but rather its always Rest in Peace…

Now I am a firm believer that no man has a Heaven or Hell to put anyone in, and I’m almost positive that at first glance some folk have already made up in their mind that im judging folk!¬† But if we’re going to keep it really real, are¬†those that say “rest in heaven” or in peace guilty of judging as well? I mean¬† who gave any of us the right to put anyone in Heaven or Hell?

I know this is not popular, but there is clear evidence (If you believe the Bible) that there is a place of torment for some who die.  Remember the story Jesus told about Lazarus and the rich man, and how the rich man when he died was in TORMENT!  So how we telling folk to Rest in Peace, if we have no clue whether they are in peace or not!

I wanna hear from YOU! What do we say to show respect to those that have passed, and what is it that we should say to keep us from JUDGING whether they are in heaven or not?  Or does it even matter?  I want to hear your thoughts..Appreciate the feedback.  Peace


The devil Made Me Do It! YOU A LIE!!




One thing that humanity have become an expert at doing is shifting the blame onto any and everybody else but SELF!

If we were to go back to the Garden of Eden, when God asked Adam, “Have you eaten the fruit of the tree of which I commanded thee not to eat?”¬† Instead of Adam owning up to what he did, he shifted the blame and told God, “It was the woman YOU gave me, she made me do it”!!¬† When Eve was confronted, she told God, “It was the devil, he made me do it”.. We’re just like our ancestors.

Truth be told, we all do the same thing when faced with self-inflicted shame and wrong choices.  We try to shift the blame onto someone or something else.

It boils my blood when I hear grown men and women make excuses for the choices they made in life.¬† I am a firm believer that no matter what has happened¬†to us¬†in life,¬†we still had a choice!¬† Which means that there was another option than the one¬†we chose.¬† Each option carries with it a certain destiny, and our destiny lies within every choice we’ve made, and will make in the future.

Now, understand that there are some things that have happened to us in life that we had no control over what-so-ever!¬† For example,¬†my father being locked up for 20 yrs of my life, he was¬†non-existent!¬†¬†I’ve learned that his choice brought with it a certain destiny, and I was determined to not let his choice affect my destiny.¬† I chose to make sure I never did the things he did to land me in the place that he was! Yes, I could have blamed him for never being there, and all that hollywood¬†type stuff, but I made my own choices, and dealt with my own destiny,¬†and have made many mistakes of which the devil made me do any of them!¬† I was drawn away by my own lust and desires!¬† We give the devil¬†to much undeserved credit/glory at times.

We all just heard about the tragic loss of Famed¬†Singer Whitney Houston.¬† One thing I will say about Whitney is that she wasn’t confused about who¬†made her do anything.¬† In an interview with Diane Sawyer, Whitney said, “I’m my own devil, everything I’ve wanted to do, I’ve done it because I wanted to”…

Let me let you in on a secret folks, THE DEVIL CANT MAKE YOU DO ANYTHING!  All he can do is put another option in front of you, and try his best to make you CHOOSE in most cases what you want to do anyway!

It’s rimpology101, thinking out LOUD all day long..I wanna hear from you!¬† Did the devil make you do it?¬† Or did you choose to do it all by yourself?¬† Lets chat!

I Ain’t a Killa, But Don’t Push Me!!





ROAD RAGE!!  It can turn the kindest person into the most evil human being on earth!

Road Rage by definition is the informal name for deliberately dangerous and/or violent behavior under the influence of heightened, violent emotion such as anger and frustration, involving an automobile in use.

I believe all of us at some point have suffered from this irregular behavior. ¬†Its something about¬†receiving¬†the middle finger from someone who in your mind, you know wouldn’t stand a chance against you in a fight that sets us off!! ¬†I mean we get MAD!

I’m talking about the most¬†innocent, “Steve Urkel” type, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye becomes a character from New Jack City, or Boyz in the Hood! ¬†Its astonishing, and DANGEROUS at the same time.

I must admit, I am a recovering road rager. ¬† If there were 4 stages to road rage, I was most definitely a 3. ¬† I had to face my problem when a few years ago while rushing to work, I cut in front of another driver without using my signal. ¬†Now usually when¬†I’m¬†the driver in the wrong, I’m able to see the driver speed up to my vehicle in my rear view mirror, and I would ignore them to keep from having a confrontation because I was the one who¬†committed¬†the moving violation.

On this particular occasion for some reason, I decided to glance over at the driver when he approached my vehicle. ¬†It was as if God hit the “slow motion” button in time, and although I couldn’t hear the man, I saw every syllable ooze with anger from his mouth, ¬†“N I G G E R”!!!! ¬†After he uttered that word along with some other words I care not to mention, he sped off in a hurry, as if he was ¬†satisfied and the mission was accomplished.

Now when I say “I lost it”,,¬†that’s¬†an understatement, I literally SNAPPED! ¬†I instantly started to chase him on the highway, reaching speeds that if something had gone wrong, could have killed me, along with other drivers on the road. ¬†Every time I got close to him, he would try to speed off, it just so happened that we ran into construction on the highway, and he couldn’t exit off ¬†when he tried to!

As traffic slowed down, I positioned myself very close behind him, waiting for an opportunity for both vehicles to stop long enough so I could get out and bust a window or something,  I wanted to hurt him in someway!  Thankfully,  the opportunity never presented itself.  Traffic was moving, but at a very slow pace.

In a moment of PURE IGNORANCE, I pulled on the side of this person, (who at this time just knew he was about die! I mean the man was sweating bullets, scared out of his mind) I slowed down so that we were right next to each other, I formed my hand to the shape of a gun, and without saying a word, I put the meanest, most thuggish look I could muster up on my face, and I pointed at him. ¬†He looked back at me and he threw his hands up and I read his lips as he uttered the words, “I’m¬†so sorry” over and over again.

To my amazement, I didn’t feel¬†victorious. ¬†I actually felt like I lost. ¬†I lost the battle to not give into ignorance. ¬†I realized with my actions, I stooped to an even lower level of ignorance. ¬†I was deeply embarrassed.

I felt like I reached down and pulled out that ignorant child I once was, and put the man I was striving to be on the back burner. ¬†The “what ifs” really ate me up.

“What if he, was just as crazy, and pulled out a real gun and shot me!”

“What if while chasing this man, I had a car accident that killed innocent people!”

“What if I had to explain to my children, the reason daddy is going to jail, is because I ¬†acted like a fool one day when my pride was challenged”

I’m happy to say, that incident caused me to realize this was a real issue that I had to get control of before I ran up on the wrong man or woman!

Yes I still get upset¬†behind¬†the wheel from time to time, but I’ve learned that some things just aint worth it! ¬† Here’s a few tips from rimpology101 if you have issues or know someone who suffers from Road Rage:

1.  Get some sleep!  Not getting enough rest can definitely play apart in road rage!  When this happens we are easily irritated.  8 hours for adults is still whats recommended.

2. Your car is not a therapist!  Most of us like to blow off steam by taking a ride. BAD IDEA!  Try walking, or doing something that exerts energy!

3. ¬†Turn down the Base in the music! ¬†You can’t be bumping to Lil John’s “Throw yo Hood up” and expect to be cool when somebody says something out of line to you. ¬†The music will make a difference! ūüôā

4.  Loosen up, and breathe!  Literally taking a deep breath can help, just try it.

5. ¬†Lastly, be an adult about the situation. ¬†I know that “being the bigger person” is so clich√©, however in cases of road rage, I believe its worth it!

Its rimpology101.com!  Love to think out LOUD all day long!  I want to hear from YOU!  Tell me about how you overcame your road rage!  You might help somebody, you never know..  Peace