Facebook BEEF!! Don’t start none, wont be none!!




What’s beef? Beef is when you need two gats to go to sleep, Beef is when your moms ain’t safe up in the streets, BEEF IS WHEN I TALK ABOUT YOU ON MY FACEBOOK WALL,,,,wait,,What!!   Is that what beef is now??

We all have Facebook accounts, and some of us are very familiar with those FB Friends who can’t contain themselves, the one’s who show a lack of restraint by putting personal business, or disagreements out in cyber world for ALL TO SEE.

Just recently I was awarded the privilege of seeing a Baby Mama/Baby Daddy throw down on the face book wall!  It was full of all the four letter words you can imagine, and friends of both individuals jumped in to give there two cents on the matter!  One word to describe what I saw,,, SAD!

People fail to realize that once you put something out here in cyber land, its hard to reach in and pull it back without an opinion being formed on your character.  Facebook is definitely an awesome tool for connecting with friends of old, and an even greater asset when trying to promote something of your choosing, what we don’t see is that Facebook is a genius when it comes to Character Assassination!

What makes me laugh the most is that most of the updates where folk are taking shots at other people are not even aimed at the other person!! They aren’t even friends on Facebook anyway!!  Which leaves me with the conclusion, that its not beef the person updating there status is looking for, it’s SYMPATHY!

Yes, the “false sympathy” that one gets from putting all there business on Facebook, and with the click of every “like” somehow that person feels a little better.  Regardless of the reputation and character assassination of all parties involved, somehow you feel better…Really??

I want to know your thoughts on “FACEBOOK BEEFS”.. Are they really beefs at all, or just a cry for attention? Have some of your relationships with friends changed because of things said on Facebook?

Its rimpology101.com, Thinkin out LOUD all day long!  Can’t wait to hear from you.  peace


7 thoughts on “Facebook BEEF!! Don’t start none, wont be none!!

  1. Well. Did you see the “My baby daddy didn’t show up to take the DNA test” post yesterday? She went to middle school and high school with us. All I could do is shake my head. Its sad that FB has become this tool to blast personal business. I don’t mind an individual asking for advice but be vague.

  2. CTHU…this is awesome and so on point. I had my one bd/bm moment but I’m his friend on here so I knew he would know I was talking about his behind. I totally agree that its a ‘I’m the victim’ role that they are playing and yes its very sad…i just smh nd keep it moving!!!!

  3. This is very true! Facebook really should be called vent book, public diary, or miscommunications. Really people are looking to get their feelings validated and hear some elses opinion on THEIR SIDE of the story. When there are three sides to the story…my side, their side, and the truth! At the same time some people get offended because THEY felt the comment was toward them, when it was really meant for some one else. We are all adults and should act like as such!

  4. I don’t know about a cry for attention, but in general, a person who’s life outside of Facebook is full of drama will be surrounded by drama on Facebook too. Facebook, like life, is what people make of it, and often people’s Facebook lives mimic their real lives.

  5. Words are powerful regardless of where they are “posted”. I read a quote today that stated “Words are the clothes that thoughts wear.” Facebook is just an avenue to express what is on your heart and mind. I’ve had my share of horrible FB moments, some I was responsible for and some not. At any rate I honestly thought all words were a cry for some type of attention/validation. Are they not? I agree with Terrance D. I also agree with Jacqui to an extent. I know from experience how FB can contribute to misunderstandings. There are people of all ages on fb, twitter, myspace and whatever they have. Everybody uses their accounts for whatever they wish, Not everyone is mature; For those of us who are we maybe we should all do as Tiana said and “keep it moving”. Just me humble opinion.

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