Defeating the BULLY in your life!



Kids can be the most cruel 4ft tall people on God’s green earth! I can remember as a child having to deal with 2 people in particular who I would classify as “BULLY’S”… Not that they were bigger, or tougher than I was, that wasn’t it! I allowed those individuals to gain a “mental advantage” over me.

I am a firm believer in the principle of “positive thinking!” I have to many testimonies as proof that when you have already WON IN YOUR MIND, it will manifest itself in the natural! What do you mean Rimpology??

Case and point, I was in the 4th grade and was bullied daily by this particular heathen of a child. He was no bigger than I, he talked like he was 7ft, 250lbs. For some reason, I was terrified of this individual. I did everything in my power to avoid him, I was embarrassed that I felt that way, I was already “defeated” im my mind.

One day while at gym class, this individual started his regular assault on me, and he pushed me, and immediately in my response I pushed back, and to my surprise, he fell! The rest of the kids were like “ooooh”… 🙂 His confidence was shaken, he didn’t expect that from me. I saw fear in his eyes, I liked what I felt!

Brothers and Sisters I can not put into words the boost of confidence, and assurance that moment gave me, it literally changed my life!

Not only could I stand up to the bully, I could knock him down as well!! It was on like Donkey Kong then! 🙂 We fought a few times after that, but I never had a problem with this individual again. We actually became friends.

That moment some 20 years ago, taught me a great lesson in life, “Confidence in self is huge!” We may not be fighting a bully everyday in the form of a person, however, the system we live in, if we allow it to will bully us, will take advantage of us. It will have us afraid to step out and dream BIG DREAMS! It will cause us to believe we are inferior to our peers, and that there is only a certain level of success out here in this world for us to achieve!

How do you defeat any and all bully’s that would dare stand in your way?

FIRST, you must believe that YOU CAN!! If you have faith and believe that you are not limited or inferior, but are more than capable to do WHATEVER YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO,, THEN YOU WILL! Point blank Period! YOU WILL!! Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing can stand against the power of the HUMAN WILL!!

God himself have made it that way, HE won’t even touch it! In fact, the Word of God says, “SO A MAN THINKETH, SO IS HE!” so if you “will to do a thing” in your heart, you’ll do whatever you need to do to make it come to pass. You Just have to believe that YOU CAN!

Yes!! I Believe the impossible to be achievable!! Yes suh!! 🙂

My friends, you’ve got to believe that you’re awesome, and that failure is NEVER an option! Believe that there is GREATNESS within you longing to be set free!! Knock those Bully’s in your life down to the floor, and walk over them as you move forward into the unlimited potential of your DESTINY!

I typed myself happy with this one! 🙂

Peace, It’s rimpology101, thinkin out Loud all day every day!

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