The devil Made Me Do It! YOU A LIE!!




One thing that humanity have become an expert at doing is shifting the blame onto any and everybody else but SELF!

If we were to go back to the Garden of Eden, when God asked Adam, “Have you eaten the fruit of the tree of which I commanded thee not to eat?”  Instead of Adam owning up to what he did, he shifted the blame and told God, “It was the woman YOU gave me, she made me do it”!!  When Eve was confronted, she told God, “It was the devil, he made me do it”.. We’re just like our ancestors.

Truth be told, we all do the same thing when faced with self-inflicted shame and wrong choices.  We try to shift the blame onto someone or something else.

It boils my blood when I hear grown men and women make excuses for the choices they made in life.  I am a firm believer that no matter what has happened to us in life, we still had a choice!  Which means that there was another option than the one we chose.  Each option carries with it a certain destiny, and our destiny lies within every choice we’ve made, and will make in the future.

Now, understand that there are some things that have happened to us in life that we had no control over what-so-ever!  For example, my father being locked up for 20 yrs of my life, he was non-existent!  I’ve learned that his choice brought with it a certain destiny, and I was determined to not let his choice affect my destiny.  I chose to make sure I never did the things he did to land me in the place that he was! Yes, I could have blamed him for never being there, and all that hollywood type stuff, but I made my own choices, and dealt with my own destiny, and have made many mistakes of which the devil made me do any of them!  I was drawn away by my own lust and desires!  We give the devil to much undeserved credit/glory at times.

We all just heard about the tragic loss of Famed Singer Whitney Houston.  One thing I will say about Whitney is that she wasn’t confused about who made her do anything.  In an interview with Diane Sawyer, Whitney said, “I’m my own devil, everything I’ve wanted to do, I’ve done it because I wanted to”…

Let me let you in on a secret folks, THE DEVIL CANT MAKE YOU DO ANYTHING!  All he can do is put another option in front of you, and try his best to make you CHOOSE in most cases what you want to do anyway!

It’s rimpology101, thinking out LOUD all day long..I wanna hear from you!  Did the devil make you do it?  Or did you choose to do it all by yourself?  Lets chat!

4 thoughts on “The devil Made Me Do It! YOU A LIE!!

  1. I happen to think that blaming the devil is just a copout. Everyone is opportunistic to a certain degree, but the difference between right-doers and wrong-doers is the “right-doers’ ability to control their opportunistic urges. Simple as that.

  2. good post Neon. you answered the question when you Quoted
    James 1: 13-14…..look it up people.

    The good news is that no matter what the mistakes or bad choices or poor choices we make, as long as we’re alive, we have an opportunity to correct ourselves (by the grace of God). Remember Jonah did end up changing directions and going to Nineveh…read it…remember it’s a process!

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