Now’a days EVERYBODY goin to Heaven!!




It’s amazing to me how when somebody, anybody dies! Whether they were angelic here on earth or not, “people” give them a free pass to the pearly gates!

Maybe we do this just to make ourselves feel good, or perhaps we don’t want to feel condemned because we’re living the same lifestyle as the person that passed away??  Whatever the case, no one ever says REST IN TORMENT, but rather its always Rest in Peace…

Now I am a firm believer that no man has a Heaven or Hell to put anyone in, and I’m almost positive that at first glance some folk have already made up in their mind that im judging folk!  But if we’re going to keep it really real, are those that say “rest in heaven” or in peace guilty of judging as well? I mean  who gave any of us the right to put anyone in Heaven or Hell?

I know this is not popular, but there is clear evidence (If you believe the Bible) that there is a place of torment for some who die.  Remember the story Jesus told about Lazarus and the rich man, and how the rich man when he died was in TORMENT!  So how we telling folk to Rest in Peace, if we have no clue whether they are in peace or not!

I wanna hear from YOU! What do we say to show respect to those that have passed, and what is it that we should say to keep us from JUDGING whether they are in heaven or not?  Or does it even matter?  I want to hear your thoughts..Appreciate the feedback.  Peace


10 thoughts on “Now’a days EVERYBODY goin to Heaven!!

  1. Far be it for me to speak ill of the dead. When people say Rest in Peace, I don’t think they’re putting the person in heaven or hell per se (because we can’t do that, only God can), they’re just showing respect. Which is why you’ll never hear anyone, myself included, say, “May he/she rest in eternal torment.” Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston both had some seriously disturbing issues in their personal lives, but you didn’t hear anyone (with the possible exception of Bill O’Reilly on Fox News) bringing any of that up in a pejorative way in the aftermath of their deaths. Why? Respect.

  2. Brother,

    YOUR JUDGING FOLK!!! NAh im playing. but seriously I understand what you mean. I had this same thought a while back and said, “Jesus, when you call me to preach, I dont know if I could preach an unsaved and unrighteous persons funeral.” I know that seems mean but that was my thought when i told the Lord Because I couldnt Stand before people and lie to them about their life. How can we preach people into Heaven that aint saved… when we do that we just made ourselves a liar and everyone who heard that funeral sermon believe a false plan of salvation! I do agree about respect and perhaps we could balance that to bring people to salvation on that day… Now on the flip side the righteous!!! boy o boy!!! thats not a funeral but a Praise break!!! I told Jesus that if there are people mourning over my death to allow me to come back alive at my casket and rebuke everyone because we serve a God that is living and if we die in Christ we never Die but wait in the grave until the resurrection at his coming!!! GLORY!!!!! good thought brother and probably not very appealing but very good word!

    Bro. Harvey

  3. I love this because the exact same though comes to me everytime someone dies. I simply wont say anything or say Lord have mercy….in some ways that could seem a bit judgemental but I know Truth and Truth says there is no way to the Father but by ME(Jesus speaking in the Bible) and not knowing whether or not the person was saved or not I simply pray that he has mercy on them.

  4. Maybe we say Rest In Peace because we are only sleeping till the day of judgment. Then, the dead shall rise first…We are not telling them they are going to heaven or hell. Just “rest in peace” as we do when we are sleeping. On that same not, we say to one another to “go in peace” about our daily comings and goings. Just my thought on the subject. Hope everyone has a blessed day!!! 🙂

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