I Ain’t a Killa, But Don’t Push Me!!





ROAD RAGE!!  It can turn the kindest person into the most evil human being on earth!

Road Rage by definition is the informal name for deliberately dangerous and/or violent behavior under the influence of heightened, violent emotion such as anger and frustration, involving an automobile in use.

I believe all of us at some point have suffered from this irregular behavior.  Its something about receiving the middle finger from someone who in your mind, you know wouldn’t stand a chance against you in a fight that sets us off!!  I mean we get MAD!

I’m talking about the most innocent, “Steve Urkel” type, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye becomes a character from New Jack City, or Boyz in the Hood!  Its astonishing, and DANGEROUS at the same time.

I must admit, I am a recovering road rager.   If there were 4 stages to road rage, I was most definitely a 3.   I had to face my problem when a few years ago while rushing to work, I cut in front of another driver without using my signal.  Now usually when I’m the driver in the wrong, I’m able to see the driver speed up to my vehicle in my rear view mirror, and I would ignore them to keep from having a confrontation because I was the one who committed the moving violation.

On this particular occasion for some reason, I decided to glance over at the driver when he approached my vehicle.  It was as if God hit the “slow motion” button in time, and although I couldn’t hear the man, I saw every syllable ooze with anger from his mouth,  “N I G G E R”!!!!  After he uttered that word along with some other words I care not to mention, he sped off in a hurry, as if he was  satisfied and the mission was accomplished.

Now when I say “I lost it”,, that’s an understatement, I literally SNAPPED!  I instantly started to chase him on the highway, reaching speeds that if something had gone wrong, could have killed me, along with other drivers on the road.  Every time I got close to him, he would try to speed off, it just so happened that we ran into construction on the highway, and he couldn’t exit off  when he tried to!

As traffic slowed down, I positioned myself very close behind him, waiting for an opportunity for both vehicles to stop long enough so I could get out and bust a window or something,  I wanted to hurt him in someway!  Thankfully,  the opportunity never presented itself.  Traffic was moving, but at a very slow pace.

In a moment of PURE IGNORANCE, I pulled on the side of this person, (who at this time just knew he was about die! I mean the man was sweating bullets, scared out of his mind) I slowed down so that we were right next to each other, I formed my hand to the shape of a gun, and without saying a word, I put the meanest, most thuggish look I could muster up on my face, and I pointed at him.  He looked back at me and he threw his hands up and I read his lips as he uttered the words, “I’m so sorry” over and over again.

To my amazement, I didn’t feel victorious.  I actually felt like I lost.  I lost the battle to not give into ignorance.  I realized with my actions, I stooped to an even lower level of ignorance.  I was deeply embarrassed.

I felt like I reached down and pulled out that ignorant child I once was, and put the man I was striving to be on the back burner.  The “what ifs” really ate me up.

“What if he, was just as crazy, and pulled out a real gun and shot me!”

“What if while chasing this man, I had a car accident that killed innocent people!”

“What if I had to explain to my children, the reason daddy is going to jail, is because I  acted like a fool one day when my pride was challenged”

I’m happy to say, that incident caused me to realize this was a real issue that I had to get control of before I ran up on the wrong man or woman!

Yes I still get upset behind the wheel from time to time, but I’ve learned that some things just aint worth it!   Here’s a few tips from rimpology101 if you have issues or know someone who suffers from Road Rage:

1.  Get some sleep!  Not getting enough rest can definitely play apart in road rage!  When this happens we are easily irritated.  8 hours for adults is still whats recommended.

2. Your car is not a therapist!  Most of us like to blow off steam by taking a ride. BAD IDEA!  Try walking, or doing something that exerts energy!

3.  Turn down the Base in the music!  You can’t be bumping to Lil John’s “Throw yo Hood up” and expect to be cool when somebody says something out of line to you.  The music will make a difference! 🙂

4.  Loosen up, and breathe!  Literally taking a deep breath can help, just try it.

5.  Lastly, be an adult about the situation.  I know that “being the bigger person” is so cliché, however in cases of road rage, I believe its worth it!

Its rimpology101.com!  Love to think out LOUD all day long!  I want to hear from YOU!  Tell me about how you overcame your road rage!  You might help somebody, you never know..  Peace


6 thoughts on “I Ain’t a Killa, But Don’t Push Me!!

  1. nice thing u doin here. I dont really get road rage, but i do practice unsafe driving when i’m in a hurry. So that’s somthing to give thought to. Never blogged before dont know if i did it right Jomo G.I. Jo Bradley

    • You’re a pro Jomo! I appreciate the support bro. Jomo we got some catching up to do! Like 17yrs worth! I know we talked about about a yr ago or so. Im’a send you my info via fb. Send me yours too. Peace

  2. Ok brother I’m loving this one because I myself am a recovering road rager…….. I get soooo mad on the road I’m quick to grab whatever I can and throw it @ the persons car, but God really taught me a lesson when one day while leaving work and driving down the highway a lady was speeding and tailing me so finally she got in the other lane @ this point I’m heated, she pulls up the side of me and yells *the B word* and *N word* so I grabbed my bottled water *unopened* threw it in her window and it hit her daughter in the face! Wow I was gone sped off before she called the cops but imagine somebody hitting your child omg never again 😦

    • I know you have that in you! I have to fight it off every time I get in my vehicle! Especially the people who cut in frot of you forcefully and then wave at you like you let them do it!!! ARRGGGG!!!

  3. interesting post. last year there was an off duty police lady that was arrested and eventually lost her job because she was cut off by a couple driving with their kids and she( the off duty cop) caught up with the car and “showed” them her gun. Later she said she didn’t point the gun at the people, but she did admit to showing them her gun. another incident here was an ederly woman riding with her grandson was beatten by a driver that she cut in front of. that guy was found guilty and is curently serving time.
    sish i think you had a friend that was incvolved in a case where someone called him the N word , they fought in the duck cteek mall parking lot and the guy that called your friend that was killed, god blessed your friend to avoid prison for that incident. God also blessed you and (I believe) the other driver involved to teach both of you a lesson. we must understand that human nature is not good. i’ve learned that having a relationship with God helps me deal with my human nature, i can connect to my “source” and lesson the influence of my human characteristics. I will stop here don’t want my response to be as long as your original post…Smile.
    there is a song called less of self more of thee….It’s a process!

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