Religion or Relationship??




38,000 Christian Denominations!!!!  Really???

Yep, according to our greatest source for information on the web, “WIKIPEDIA” 🙂

They state that there are over 38,000 Christian denominations worldwide, and the number is growing!

My question is this,,, If Jesus is returning for “1” church, which of the 38,000 is the chosen one??

When speaking about Christianity, and its origin, “The Acts of The Apostles” is a must read!  It’s found in the New Testament of the Holy Bible after the 4 synoptic Gospels.

It is there we find the beginning of what we call Christianity!

Webster defines Christianity as “a religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ”… AND THIS DEFINITION TO ME IS WHERE THE PROBLEM EXISTS!!!

Religion is defined as a collection of cultural systems, belief systems, and WORLDVIEWS that establishes symbols that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values.

That my friend is the reason the “CHURCH” is divided!!  We have allowed “RELIGION” to creep into the midst of the community of believers! All of these different “belief systems”, and cultural systems, and “worldviews”!! Really!!  “Worldviews” in the Church??

It’s because of “religion” that “The Elect of God” can’t come together on the 98% that we all agree upon, but choose to stay separated over the 2% that we disagree!

I don’t believe God ever wanted “religion”, His desire have always been for His Church to be “UNIFIED” and to have a RELATIONSHIP rooted in love!

Food for thought, there are over 38,000 Christian denominations, the “church of satan” is worldwide and unified across the board!  They have no denominations, or different beliefs, but stand together as ONE across the board.  Its amazing how the enemy have planted division within Christianity, but has maintained unity among his followers.  Sad commentary…

So I ask,  which of these denominations is Jesus coming back for?? Is it the PAW, maybe COOLJC, or perhaps PCAF, or UPC, what about COGIC, it can’t be the Baptist Church huh!! Definitely not the AME Church!!

Look my friends, I personally don’t have a Heaven or Hell to put anyone in, but I can guarantee this,  God cares less about what Denomination we’re in, His desire has always been to have a relationship with His most prized creation,, YOU!!!!

His desire is for us to LOVE HIM UNCONDITIONALLY!  If you truthfully LOVE HIM, regardless of what denomination, color, height, or weight you may be, he’s coming back for YOU!

I believe that loving God, with all our heart, mind and strength is the only prerequisite there is for us to be included in the great “Catching Away” of the Church!  Upon Jesus return,  love is what he’s looking for my Friend!  Have you been faithful to me, is the question he will ask of us on that day…

“So rimpology, are you saying that as long as I love Him, I can live anyway I want to, and do what I want?”  No, not at all, because if we truthfully love Him, we will be obedient to every word,  to every ounce of guidance he gives.  His desire supersedes all of our own desires.. His will is the only thing that matters..

It is impossible for us to love HIM, and still do what we want to do!  IT CAN”T HAPPEN!   I’ve tried, and still try at times, but needless to say, I ALWAYS FAIL!

I believe there is a possibility that some out of all 38,000 of those denominations will make it in the pearly gates, but not because of religion, but through relationship.

It’s also my belief that an even larger number of people out of ALL 38,000 of those denominations don’t even stand a chance!

I’m done!  I can go on forever on this topic….

Now, I want to hear from YOU!  Whats your thoughts on Religion Vs Relationship?

It’s…You know me, I think out LOUD all day long!  Peace

12 thoughts on “Religion or Relationship??

  1. I totally agree and I take mines as a relationship…religion is like politics to me everyone has a side and they want to argue and debate. As for loving HIM…we all fall short, but.its alot of.people what they want and always quick…cant stand them people, but.that’s why I dont go to church too many judges, hypocrites, and politics.

  2. I agree with the ACTS of the Apostle, Jesus did not come to bring religion and your 100% correct that if we r in relationship with Him that we will not live any kind of way. Does that give us right to do anything? No, there are commandments that God has given us and in the Old Testament we were told that we should always keep them but the laws are what, in the New Testament Jesus came to abolish. Now we live under grace. We no longer have to go to the priest(middle man) to go to God on our behalf we can go ourselves! This is how we form a relationship with Him and are able to trust Him for ourselves.

  3. Yessir!!! Love it bro. We need an ecumenical deliverance. All these denominations simply because of different views; but it still boils down to DIVISION man!! The kingdom if heaven is not filled with sub-divisions. One kingdom, one king. One Lord, One faith, one Baptism. (All in Jesus name)! One body of Christ. Bro sish please keep speaking out loud!!!!

    Taylor said it.

  4. I can confidently report with biblical certainty God isn’t rmotely interested in the 38,000 Christian Denominations!!!! Or what ever the count might be upon His return. Really… He will be more focused on that six or seven billion population count or what ever the number might be upon His return.

    I could churn out an encyclopaedia on the cogitative offer of religion or relationship. But since we do not have the luxury to do so let me make a bare bones suggestion. If you are interested in religion turn left and follow the money trail. If you are interested in a relationship turn right and follow the love trail. Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart into it, take yourself out of it. Rimpology is spot on when he points to Webster being the root of the problem. Are we going to allow wisdom which comes from God be our authority or wisdom which originates with men to be our authority when assessing religion or relationship matters ???

  5. okay bruh…. im really trying to figure out how to comment on this one… i have so much to say but i think ill bow out gracefully…

  6. it always was and atways will be about your up close and personal walk with God. Institutionalized religion (used by the enemy) leads more people away from Christ than anything else
    Remeber it;s about that up close walk (personal relationship)

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