G.I. Till I Die!!!!!!!!!!



I hail from Gary, Indiana!  Not Merrilville, but GI!!!!!

I was born in 1979 at Broadway Methodist Hospital.  The 1st child born to a 22yr old single mom.  Our first residence was in Ivanhoe projects, my moms was proud of our first crib, we lived there until the  age of 3, but the relationships and bonds that were formed are still lasting to this day!

From there, my Moms moved us to Dorie Miller Projects!  That was a horrifying time back then, “Alton Coleman” had everybody on noid in the city!!  (You know you were scared too)   🙂

Although I had several stops throughout my life at my grandma’s in the hood we call BIC.  I feel I’m a product of every hood in GI that I’ve lived in! Never been ashamed of it either!  Proud of the road traveled…  Where was I??  Oh yea!

When I was 8yrs old, we moved to “11th ave,”  2962 West 11th ave to be exact!  Yep, right down the street from “Mr. Edwards” Car Wash and candy store!!

We lived in a beat up, rat infested apartment across the street from “Guy N Allen funeral home.” (some of the best times of my life were in that apt!) We lived down the street from the Brookshire family.  I loved Mr and Mrs. Brookshire!  That family looked out for us on several occasions, me and my sisters became very close to some of their grandchildren.. Never can forget 11th avenue!

After a lengthy stay with my Grandma in BIC, (So many memories from that place, I’ll be writing for days!!) moms decided we needed some new scenery, so at 11yrs old we packed up and headed to Rock Island, Illinois!  Oh how I missed GI, the separation was PAINFUL!  I felt out-of-place!  Nobody even knew what a “WASH n RET” was!!  It was horrible!  Didn’t take long to realize, that this wasn’t the place for us!

At the age of 13, it was back to BIC at my grandma’s house!  It was kind of hard that first year back, I was no longer in elementary, I was in junior high school now, and Tolleston was definitely an adjustment phase for me, getting back accustomed to  GI  took longer than I thought.  But it was all good…

West Side High School!  I finally was at the same school with all my closest cousins!  Since they lived in Concord Village, that inevitably became my new home!  I was in CCV more than I was at home!  CCV, now CCA, became family to me for the 2 years I was at West Side! I left GI for good after my sophomore yr at West Side, but as you can tell, I NEVER FORGOT WHERE I CAME FROM!!

I most likely will never live in GI again, I’ve seen the world, and it’s much larger than GI!  However, I appreciate the city I still call home to this day!  My heart will forever be apart of that city!

GI makes SOLDIERS out of men!  I have yet to meet anyone from GI that isn’t proud to be linked to the Greatest City on earth!!  We rep hard everywhere we go!  If we’re overseas, and meet someone from the G, it’s an instant connection!  Why? Cuz we family, and we have something in common that no one can touch… We “GI till we die”…  Yes sir!!

Me being from GI never was an excuse for me to fail in life, but it was all the motivation I needed to succeed!

GI I LOVE YOU!!  It’s rimpology101…   Thinkin out LOUD all day!

I want to hear from YOU!!!  How do you feel about the place you call home? Your feedback is always appreciated!  Love!


35 thoughts on “G.I. Till I Die!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but am I the only one who has observed that most of the “Gary bashers” are people who aren’t from Gary? I’m just saying….

    Anyway, I’ll be the first to say that Gary is not perfect; from the weather, to the epidemic levels of crime, and high level of poverty. I was born in the south and moved here when I was 7 and have lived here ever since. I am :a Hoosier and a Gary resident, NOT a Southerner (although I do miss the weather there). I am the way I am because of this city; it was here that I grew up, finished elementary, middle, high school and even college (IUN). Every job I’ve ever had has been here. Every woman I’ve ever dated (several of whom are still good friends of mine to this very day) has been from Gary. Even if I uproot and end up living my life somewhere else, no other place will have as much of an imprint on my life as Gary has.

  2. Man don’t even get me started. I used to live on 2585 W 11th Ave across from Ms Griby’s barber shop. Went to Beveridge from K-1st. When I turned 7 we moved to the St John Homes aka The Color Doors. I finshed 1st grade at Charles R. Drew. I moved to Tarry Town in 4th grade but I finished the school year at Drew. While in Tarry Town I went to Locke then to Tolleston and finally West Side. I love Tarry Town. When people ask me what hood I’m from I’ll ALWAYS say Tarry Town. I moved to Phoenix Arizona on September 17th 1994. I finshed high school in Phoenix but I’ll always be a West Side Cougar. People will never understand how great it was to grow up in G.I. Screaming Wheels, N. Effect, Easter Talent Show, Drill Team Competition, Football -Orama, Spring Jamboree at Roosevelt, Tolleston vs Beckman basketball games, Holiday Tournament, The Lure, The Store, Mr. Bruce, Ms. Lucy, Edwards Enterprises(My grandparents), Jean Scene Dance, Land Fair, I could go on and on with the memories that were made in G.I. When I graduated from college I took a job in Chicago so I could be close to G.I. I love my city.

  3. Tone, reading your comment brought a smile to my face. As I read all of the different places & events that took place in the city, it brought back a fond memory of a wonderful childhood. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I no longer live in Gary, but I go back whenever I get a chance. You can’t forget about Ray’s Shrimphouse, Lincoln’s, Chuck Wheeler’s Hot Dog stand in the Village, May Dance or Little Red School House Dance at Tolleston, events at McBride Hall, the Genesis Center, and Marquette Pavilion, fireworks at Gleason Park or Miller Beach, I could also go on & on, but Gary is a great place to call home. I compare every city I’ve lived in to Gary & nothing comes close.

    • Shalaine!! Thank you so much for your support of rimpology101! I so am praying with you for the restoration of our city! Thank you again, and please keep the feedback coming! Peace

  4. Love this! “Wash n Ret” made me smile. I agree that when you come in contact with fellow Gary people you have an instant bond. I think right away you start talking about all the good food spots in Gary that they don’t have somewhere else. Lol. I didn’t know until recently that Tolleston was closed down! *sad face* Loved that school. We don’t view the city like outsiders because we experienced it. Growing up it was the best place ever. Although I don’t see myself ever moving back there, I will always call it home.

  5. Have always been proud. Made me the woman I am. I love it every time I come home. Plus who can help it that’s the only place you can get Vintners jot crunchy curls.

  6. OMG!!!I love this post…it put a hugh smile on my face…I was born in raised in Gary, Indiana…and I will always REP MY CITY….I just pray that we get good ppl in office to rebuild GI!!!

  7. For many of you one picture can paint a thousand words. For me one sentence can ppaint a thousand pictures. As I read through Rimpology’s eclectic autobiography and the generous replies offered by others I was afforded a moment of ventage reflections long tucked away in a place called GI. Over the past nearly 18 months I’ve been working on a writing project with gary being the main setting and still had to catch my breath remembering places and events. What an awsom way to end a long week. Rimpology don’t stop thinking out loud and sharing buddy.

  8. took me a while to get to this post, getting used to facebook…lol anyway, i like this post and all the comments, Gary will always be home and will always be special, and that has nothing to do with the crime rate or the econimy…it’s simply HOME.
    good post neon and thanks to your readers for the fond memories

  9. Aint no place like home boy I tell ya…i moved to nap and was home every weekend…im not gone start in on nap I will be on here all day, but I hated that place and am glad to be home until I find something else…people can talk about how theres nothing here nothing to do but you get a sense of.comfort when your home cause thats what ur used to..i know one thing where evet u go make sure u got a jug of mild sauce cause its not everywhere and I cant do bbq sauce on my 4 piece 🙂

  10. I Love Gary, Indiana!!!! I was born and raised in Gary and you right I’m so proud 2 say it….I’m just right next door from Gary, but I touch a Gary Street almost everyday.


    • I see u Marcellous!! Dont nobody rep where they from like we do!! Got love for the boogie down too, lived there once upon a time, stayed on Dallas street, and got fam that stay in brunswick village 2 this day!! Some of my closest homies was bronx boyz… Preciate the feedback mane!!

  12. I love where in from G.I. till I die!!! I have been other places, but theres no place like home…raised on 17th ave…went to ernie pyle, tolleston, westside and velt! It might not be much.now but back in the.day I had a ball!!!

    • DeDe I didn’t even realize it, but we went to Ernie Pyle 2gether, probably Tolleston too, I think u were with my Lil Sis Keisha Rimpson tho… But you’re right, aint no place like home!!! Memories we have will last a lifetime!!!

  13. I loved this post especially since we’re from the same hood. I grew up on 10th & Ellsworth pl and I don’t have anything but great memories. Rep my city!

  14. Ahh you brought back such fond memories! I grew up on 14 Ave and went to Beveridge, Tolleston, and Velt. I have lived in several places but there is no place like home. I will always love and rep my city no matter where I am. G.I. til I die!! ❤

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