Child Support or BABY MAMA/DADDY support?



FIRST and foremost, let me start by saying,  a parent that neglects his or her responsibilities as a PARENT, to include the financial aspect among other things, IS NO MAN or WOMAN AT ALL!!!

Now that the disclaimer is out-of-the-way 🙂  This blog is not to talk about the deadbeat parents only,  we see, and hear quite a bit about them as it is already.  Today however, I would like to be an advocate for those Parents trying to the best of their ability to take care of their responsibilities.  I want to highlight the “fact” that Child Support in America, has no accountability, and is by far, one of the most LUCRATIVE HUSTLES the federal government have ever allowed.

“What rimpology!!! You can “hustle” the federal government??”   ABSOLUTELY you can!

I’m talking about the Parents who take their children’s child support checks and spend them on nothing but their own selfish VANITY!  Am I the only one who thinks this is an injustice?

There has to be some form of accountability for those parents (mostly Fathers) giving half of their paychecks for the welfare of their children!  Here is a suggestion from rimpology101 that will solve the entire issue:

1.  Have the receiving parent submit receipts for all money spent on the child’s welfare, and submit those receipts monthly to the proper authorities!  Whatever the amount that is unaccounted for,   it will be deducted from the  next monthly child support payment.  That’s fair right??


To those mothers walking around with new Coach purses, and new hair styles, with french manicured hands and toe nails, or to those fathers wearing $150.00 Air Jordan’s, or riding around in rims that they are renting all on the expense of the Child Support check, turning in receipts would all but eliminate any misuse of the system.

Now I know that every parent that receives child support does not abuse the system.  It may be that a few bad apples have spoiled the bunch, either way, accountability needs to take place.   My question is what does new Jordans, or the latest weave have to do with the welfare of the child!  Please answer that question if you can…

At first glance,  you would probably think that I’m a victim of this injustice 🙂     Although I am not personally,  i think we all are affected indirectly.  What are we teaching the children that are watching our dishonesty, and lack of integrity?  I am linked either through family or by friendship to many that are either the parent receiving or the parent paying.  I’ve seen the system used properly, and I’ve witnessed the system being abused.  The only losers in the whole equation are the children for whom the support was granted in the first place!

I want to hear from YOU!!  Is it another federal program that Americans have turned into a “HUSTLE”?  It’s rimpology101, doing what we do best,, “Thinking out LOUD”…    Appreciate your feedback, lets talk about this one!!


13 thoughts on “Child Support or BABY MAMA/DADDY support?

  1. I haven’t even started reading this but you know you about to get it poppin on here. I don’t pay child support but I know people that do and from what they go through it is pretty eveident that the system is biased.

  2. Absolutely, it is a hustle. I always hear the recipients calling it “their” check, whenever in fact it’s the kids’ check.

    While I like your acknowledgment that the system needs to be fixed, those parents who are unable to account for every penny should not have.the amount reduced, because doing that affects no one but the children.

    • Whats up Terrance! Appreciate the support bro! No doubt its a hustle! I see your point on not decreasing the monthly amount, but if they aren’t spending it on the child anyway, whats it matter? The child is losing any way you look at it!

  3. That’s real but the system is so hard on men that care about their children. They need to overhaul the whole system. I have a friend who was denied custody and visitation but he has to shell out $700 a month. Granted the child was born as a result of an affair that he had with the woman but when she told the judge that she thought it would be best that the baby meet his father when he’s older the judge signed off on it. He can’t be a part of his sons life but he’s ORDERED to pay $700 a month? I would have been in jail that day.

    • Man! Thats crazy Tone! And the system supports the fact that a father is kept from being a father to the child! If the child was conceived morally or not, he is still the father! Crazy man!!

  4. good subject. putting new wine into old wineskins never works. If a person is demented and full of vanity, throwing money at them will not cure this. I would agree that accountability is needed. another way to help is if the parent paying child support could pay directly to the service providers ex. pay a portion of the rent directly to the landlord, pay utilities directly to the gas and light company, pay blur cross for your child’s healthcare. that would stop a lot of the abuse, sad to say that most women use this(child support) to control the baby daddy. looking foward to reading comments on this one!

  5. I am a parent receiving child support, and I have to admit the amount issued is not small for only having one child. But I must say, the money is used as the child support stipulates. Anyone having gone through an ordeal such as this knows the funds can be/SHOULD be directed towards rent, water, lights, food, medical care that is not covered by insurance,clothing,day to day CHILD expenses,etc. I have a plethora of friends in the same situation, who go shopping for themselves and bring their child home a toy. Pure sadness. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d rather see a smile on my child’s face, and feel good knowing they are in a stable home without want, than to rock a new BCBG dress. I recently had someone call me crazy for spending a little over $400 on a homeschooling program for my daughter. They laughed at me and said,” Girl, that’s vacation money!” I looked at them and said,” That was my daughter’s money, and I made it educational money because her future is worth investing in.” They could only reply I was being too hard on her. I wasn’t shocked. It came from a parent who’s daughter is 4, just potty trained, too small clothes,and can hardly speak, but the jobless mother can afford to go out every weekend VIP! Maybe if the government doesn’t want the hassle of receipts, they should put a block on the card. This way the parents have NO choice BUT to direct the money accordingly. They do it for food stamps!

  6. well i have a 19 yr old child whose dad and i use that word lightly refuse to give me money for her for fear i would use the 25 dollars that was issued to me for my other kids…fast forward to present,i have provided everything for my child who didnt go without so when i started getting money i was shocked mind u my child was 17 by then nd he had the nerve to call her and ask do i give her any of it…..thats MINE money i spend the way i want,he wasnt concerned when I was spending my money….so to sum it up it depends on the person cause i feel if they have a roof over their head,a full kitchen,and all the other nessecities I PROVIDE it shouldnt matter how i spend MY money.

    • Thanks for the feedback my friend!! Look, your case is definitely an exception to the rule! You’re absolutely right that’s your money!! Get it!!! I agree with u… nuff said! peace

  7. For me I am one of the parents who should not does not receive anything. He is supposed to pay 106 a month for two children. If I received the money, I don’t feel I need to justify what I spend the money on. The lifestyle that I provide for myself and my children I have done on my own. Nope won’t get a receipt from me. Saying that rodent cover one child’s cell phone bill. Maybe lunch money for the month for both kids.

    • Laura thank you for your feedback! Reading your comment and several others, I definitely see that there are definitely some cases when what u said are justified! Yours is definitely in my opinion one of those! I appreciate your support! Comments like yours give understanding. Thank you

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