Jordan or Kobe??


This debate will go on for years!! I saw a yahoo report today, where MJ said that Kobe is the only player he feels that can be mentioned in the same breath as him. I totally agree! There is no doubt that these two men are THE GREATEST men to ever play professional basketball! With that being said, the question is out of the two, who is the best? Lets first compare some numbers:

Games Played:

Jordan – 1251 Kobe – 1311

NBA Titles:

Jordan – 6 Kobe – 5

NBA 1st team:

Jordan – 10 Kobe – 8


Jordan – 14 Kobe – 12


Jordan – 6 Kobe – 2

Although these are just a few of the numerous stats that are recorded, if we were just looking at numbers, without a doubt MJ is the man! His stats in every category are better than Kobe’s hands down! However, I believe with this comparison the only stat that really matters are the Championship rings. Kobe is right on MJ’s tail in that department! The reason the numbers are not a huge deciding factor is because the surrounding cast for these two players were totally different. Kobe had a great surrounding cast early on his career, so the need to be “THE MAN” was not as great like it was for MJ. The Chicago Bulls supporting cast around MJ was so poor, he had no choice but to score 35 a night. Jordan literally made average teammates household names! “John Paxton, Craig Hodges, Horace Grant, Will Purdue, Bill Cartwright, Luc Longley, and these are just to name a few of Jordans teammates who we would never have known had they not played with “His Airness!”

So if we are to make an honest assessment here, we can’t say that MJ is better just because of the numbers, the teams were totally different. Who’s to say that if Kobe wasn’t put in the same situation early in his career he wouldn’t have done the same thing. After the Shaq years when Kobe did have to become “THE MAN”, that’s exactly what he did! Kobe scored in one game 83 points, which is the highest scoring effort behind Wilt Chamberlains record 100 point game.

The truth of the matter is this, when either one of these men need to take over a game, they both have the ability to do so like no other players in NBA history! These men were and are winners first! The love for the game, and basketball IQ these men possess is almost scary at times! The competitiveness, and work ethic that Jordan and Kobe possess is a fleeting characteristic in professional sports period!

Because I grew up in the Jordan era, of course I was a fan. A few years ago I would have never had this conversation with anyone out of my respect for MJ 🙂 As I’ve matured over the years, and have become a fan of “the game” more and more. I can’t deny any longer that you can indeed mention Kobe’s name in the same breath as MJ. “YOU MUST” mention his name when referring to the best ever in professional basketball. I don’t know if we will ever get to the bottom of the Jordan or Kobe question.

I personally believe Kobe will win more titles than Mike. I think he has at least two more rings to get before he hangs up the sneakers. Even if he does win two more and moves one ahead of MJ, the debate will still be as strong as ever! Jordan or Kobe?? What do YOU say?

Lets talk about it! I wanna hear from YOU! What’s your opinion?

It’s rimpology101, where we think out LOUD all day long… Peace


14 thoughts on “Jordan or Kobe??

  1. for the reasons you poinbted out in the post(Jordan did not have the supporting cast) I would have to say MJ is the best. I like Kobe and his skillds are unmatched by any current player, but history will rank MJ 1 and Kobe 2.

  2. Its Jordan, in a nutshell.

    Kobe is a great player, but has he TRULY made other players greater around him? Jordan had that ability. Not to say that Jordan played with scrubs. However, Jordan was ALWAYS the leader of the Bulls. Kobe was the leader of the Lakers AFTER Shaq left.

    Jordan had Pippen and a bunch of role players. And he won championships with that. That second three peat, they added Rodman. That first year with Rodman, the Bulls were ridiculously dominant over the league (top 5 in offense and defense with a 72-10 record).

    Its a no brainer.

    • Don’t agree that its a no brainer, cuz they had different supporting cast! Because Kobe had shaq doesnt mean that MJ is better on that merit alone! Like i said in the post, if you’d put kobe in the same situation, who’s to say he wouldn’t snap like mike use to… I agree mike is the man, i just wanted to make the point, that kobe has definitely earned the right to be mentioned in the same the same sentence.. Those two are on a different level than any other professional b-ball player.

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