I Am Not A Role Model!!

I remember a few years ago, retired NBA Superstar Charles Barkley starred in a NIKE commercial entitled “I am not a role model”….  Charles claimed that it wasn’t his responsibility to be a role model for his fans.  “That should be the sole responsibility of the parent” he exclaimed…

In my opinion Sir Charles was DEAD WRONG!

Becoming a role model isn’t something you can achieve on your own.  There are no classes you take, or prerequisites to determine if you’re qualified for the job.  All it takes is “1” person to look at you as a source of inspiration!  It doesn’t really matter if you think you’re qualified to be a role model or not, as long as the person “you inspire” looks to you for inspiration, you are indeed a ROLE MODEL!

The fact of the matter is that all of us have whats called a “Sphere of Influence”…  I like to believe that we all have been assigned “souls” or people to influence here in the earth!  It’s up to us whether the influence is positive or negative..

Have you ever heard the phrase “To whom much is given, much is required”?  That’s how it is with the different levels or measure of influence that each of us have.  For example, Oprah Winfrey’s sphere of influence covers millions of “souls” or people all over the world!  Now some would say that her influence increased when she became successful.  However, I believe the reason she is so successful is because that’s what was needed to handle the sphere of influence she was given! It was destined to happen in order to reach all of those in her sphere!

Who knows, your sphere may be as large as Oprah’s, and whatever your gift is will make room for you to reach all who are assigned to you.  Oprah’s gift was journalism, Obama’s was community activism, Martin Luther King’s was preaching, Barkley’s was basketball 🙂

Are you a role model?  ABSOLUTELY YOU ARE!  Make it your goal to not make just a temporary impression, but a PERMANENT IMPACT in the lives of those assigned to you!

Peace, I always appreciate your feedback!  I need to hear from YOU!  Rimpology101.com   We think out LOUD all day long!

6 thoughts on “I Am Not A Role Model!!

  1. Great topic Rimpology! True role models are those who possess the qualities that we would like to have and those who have affected us in a way that makes us want to be better. Over the years as I have matured from crayons and coloring books to cologne and college and even into the corporate settings my role model – S … have changed over the seasons. It is true that we are all call to be role models as described in Ephe. 5:1 … 1 Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children. This isn’t talking about being perfect as God as perfect. But it is talking about taking on those personal Godly qualities and affecting others in such a way they’d want to strive to be better.

    • Hey LT!! I disagree in that there is no “qualifier” for being a role model! You don’t necessarily have to be a good role model from a moral standpoint to influence someone. Case and point, as a teenager in the early 90’s, I saw the role that snoop dogg modeled before the youth at that time, and I tried with all the freedom I had to emulate the role he played to Americas youth back then. In no way was he a positive role model, but he definitely influenced an entire generation. I love your responses, they make me think even more! Talk to you later.

  2. interesting topic. I understand where Sir Barkley was coming from. we all influence others to a degree, the question is should we go out of our way or change who we are to influence others. If we “stay in our lane” then we can effect change . should Tiger have decreased his womenizing to keep his influence or should Tiger say i’m the greatest golfer and i will only influence those that want to golf? i guess i’m saying just be who you are, be the best you can be ..your influence will go where it’s supossed to go!

    • Great point! I think either way, you’re still a role model. It’s something you cant get out of, you’re either a poor example, or a positive example. We can’t escape the fact that we all are “role models”… What role will we model is the question.. Love ya

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