“Facebook Prayers” Does God really read your status update?



FACEBOOK, I think we would all agree is a great forum to keep in contact with loved ones, and reconnect with old friends from way back when.  It’s a great networking tool, and is awesome at promoting businesses, special events, and NEW BLOG WEBSITES 🙂  (rimpology101.com)

Today however, I would like to place emphasis on the Facebook messages meant for Jesus’s eyes only! Or is it?

You know,  the status updates that are a prayer to God.

Now don’t get it twisted!  I am a firm believer that God see’s everything!  So in that aspect, I’m sure he does see what we update on our statuses and put on our Facebook walls!  He wouldn’t be God if he didn’t know “EVERYTHING” right??

Which brings me to my next point! Since he knows “everything”, he clearly knows the “MOTIVE” behind every word we type and put on blast for all to see!  He knows for a fact that some of us haven’t been on our knee’s in prayer since, FOREVER!

Facebook is the place where we can be what we want with the click of a mouse button!  Its fairytale land for some of us, it’s a way for those who have no communion with God at all, to feel “churchy”, because someone left the comment, “PREACH”  to the prayer they updated on their status…

So does God really read our Facebook statuses? My belief is NO!  He reads the MOTIVE and INTENT behind every word we type!  So go ahead my friend, lift Him up with the “typing of your fingers”!!  Because If what you’re typing is just a manifestation of whats really going on in the inside, you’ve already made Heaven’s best seller list! 🙂

If you’re claiming to talk to “GOD” on your status update, YES he reads them, that’s already been established, but I’m sure he would love to have some alone time with you!  Think about it my friend, everybody likes to feel special every now and then, why wouldn’t God want to feel special too…

I’d like to hear from YOU, I wanna know your thoughts about “Facebook Prayers”..  Its rimpology101.com, “thinkin out LOUD” is what we do!  peace


8 thoughts on ““Facebook Prayers” Does God really read your status update?

  1. I feel like its to appear churchy….i cant stand holier than thou people. I keep my prayers personal just like I do my relationship with God..i wont broadcast it all over facebook…cause I dont have to prove my faith to nobody….and God knows what u gone do before u do it anyway.

    • Dee! I appreciate the feedback, and I agree with you, I don’t think most of the prayers are really meant for God anyway! Its put on facebook for people to see, not God… Just my opinion.. Keep the comments coming! Thanks for the support!

  2. I think this is good stuff. I think our job is to not judge the motives of those who do (and boy im guilty of it) even if we know they aint prayed in forever. I dont see anything wrong in it for one reason paul said…

    1 Phil 1:15 some indeed preach Christ from envy and strife and some also from goodwill, The former preach Christ from selfish ambition, not sincerity… 18: what then? Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is preached and IN THIS I REJOICE, YES, AND WILL REJOICE!! and he goes on to say it will turn out for his deliverence… If we see this hypocrisy it should lead us to pray and turm out to be
    deliverence for them. If it is of a sincere heart then it would turn out for
    perhaps the benefit of others reading. they might say man I need to
    pray that too and end uo believeing unto salvation. However I think primarily prayers should be in secret and thats where the reward is because it causes the,heart to seek the approval of God and not being showy but also we dont know the sincerity of the heart of,those who would and if wr observe fruit and see it may be of,hypocrisy then it still benefits for,their deliverance through our prayers and possibly others benefits to others by them being a public example through their shame not to do that. But yeah good word… Just my thought!

  3. Well I can say this I have prayed on fb before and it was not to be churchy or seen or holier than thou that is what was in my heart at the time and I let God hear my cry! the prayer I prayed was for me and anyone else that might of thought they needed it you never know who is going through or might need some encouraging words!

    • Thanks for the response Kellee! You know what, I thought about that too, but then again, if the motive is not to get attention from fb viewers, who’s to say they arent praying. appreciat your feedback! peace

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