Is Hip Hop of the Devil??



The year was 1996, I was a Junior in high school, I was mesmerized by not only hip hop music, but the entire culture influenced my every move!  From the beats, to the  lyrics in the songs, to the style of dress, the way I spoke… Hip Hop just wasn’t some “young people’s fad”,  it became a lifestyle and is today a huge part of the “American Culture”!  It’s not just a “black thing” anymore.  Young White’s throughout the entire country are heavily influenced by this phenomenon we call “Hip Hop”… Me personally, as I “changed” over the years, so has my taste in music.   I’m not a fan anymore of the current Hip Hop culture/lifestyle.  Those days are long gone!  Am I still influenced by it, I’m sure I am in some ways.   Hip Hop is such a huge part of our culture today, I’m sure all of us are indirectly influenced to some extent.

Do you remember when Hip Hop consisted of some cool cat rhyming to a beat, making the crowd move and groove!  In its early days,  hip hop was family friendly.  The Sugar Hill Gang, and Curtis Blow had everybody dancing! Or do you remember the “Gangsta Rap Era” of the late eighties and early nineties?  Those songs gave those of us in the hood a voice!!  They were telling the truth from our perspective!

All of those days are long gone it seems… The bee-bop scooby doo lyrics have been replaced with much deeper concepts, on top of strange beats.  Every where you turn you hear about hip hop artist blatantly worshiping satan, or being apart of the Illuminati.  Some of the artist have even gone as far as rapping about it in their lyrics!  Some argue that it’s just a conspiracy theory.  I’d like to let the music speak for itself… Check out the lyrics to one of the Super Stars of Hip Hop, This is Kanye West freestyle at his protege Kid Kudi’s concert:

“I sold my soul to the devil! / I know it’s a crappy deal, it came with a few toys like a happy meal / I’m spaced out God, I be on that moon talk, I wonder if God ask Mike how to moon walk…”

Kanye said “he sold his soul to the Devil,” now is he meaning metaphorically, and the devil he’s referring to is Hip Hop, or the Record Labels??  I don’t know what he meant, all we have is what was said.   Kanye West is one of the many Hip Hop artist suspected of writing lyrics, promoting symbols on clothing or in videos that glorify satan to some extent,    So again I ask the question, “Is Hip Hop of the Devil??”   What do you say? I need to hear from YOU!! Holla back!




38 thoughts on “Is Hip Hop of the Devil??

  1. Wow!!! it is crazy because i love hip hop more so for the beat i never really understand half of the time what they say.. but this has opened my eyes to really listen to what it is im loving…. food for thought for real…

  2. Yes u do hear alot of them speaking on that but i love music for its depth & rawness it melts my stress away its my addiction

    • Don’t get me wrong music is a weakness for me as well, but what is it that we are getting our comfort from ? So are you saying no matter what the words say as long as you feel less stressful it is okay even if the words are demonic?

  3. yes it is true, mos def all of the artist today has sold their soul for riches and fame, if you listen to most lyrics today they will str8 up admit to it. they show you in their videos mostly. Notice how videos now have absolutely nothing to do with songs anymore?????? every symbol and concept of music and videos has a demonic meaning to it in most of todays music but not in all. If you play most of the music backwards you will hear the most demonic messages ever!!!!!! its very creepy and sad but most of all its unfortunate for us because the beats and hooks are so catchy that we sing and dance along and participate in their satanic worship smh.
    Karen p.s. love you!!!!!!!!

  4. yes it is true, mos def all of the artist today has sold their soul for riches and fame, if you listen to most lyrics today they will str8 up admit to it. they show you in their videos mostly. Notice how videos now have absolutely nothing to do with songs anymore?????? every symbol and concept of music and videos has a demonic meaning to it in most of todays music but not in all. If you play most of the music backwards you will hear the most demonic messages ever!!!!!! its very creepy and sad but most of all its unfortunate for us because the beats and hooks are so catchy that we sing and dance along and participate in their satanic worship smh.
    Karen p.s. love you!!!!!!!!

  5. So it sounds like you all agree that there is definitely something strange going on behind the scenes, but you still can’t help it, cuz the music is still “good to the ears!!”. So is it all hip hop music or just a few that glorify Satan??

  6. I wouldn’t say all, like Jay Z said it’s only for a select few lol but I would say most of the major and top artist mos def. Just think about the artist who have suddenly rose to fame and pretty much anyone with a dual personality like *Beyonce’ vs Sasha Fierce* you would be surprised how many artist have duals now, read up on that it has satanic meaning, its very interesting.

  7. Well I guess I’m the skeptic. If these rappers belong to the Illuminati then that secret society sucks at being secret. Usually NO ONE can share proof other than what they’ve already been told. I believe when White record execs discovered that they could make money from Hip Hop it went down hill from there. When Kanye said that he “sold his soul” he followed the quote with “I know it’s a crappy deal, it came with a few toys like a happy meal” which tell me that it was a metaphor. Back in the 90’s a rapper by the name of Paris said that “The Devil made me do it”. If you listen to the rest of the song he wasn’t glorifying the devil. There have been countless other rap acts that have been positive in the past and I know that Hip Hop is difficult to defend but there are so many other rappers that are out there that don’t get the press that they deserve. There are more Christian rappers than ever before and there are some churches that are fighting them tooth and nail because they hate change. We live in a generation where a lot of people are not “churched” and Hip Hop is probably the only way that they will come to God. I often ask myself ” What would the church be like had they embraced Hip Hop like Islam did?” The older saints in my opinion needed a “Boogy Man” and the current trends in Hip Hop made them an easy target. That’s just my opinion.

    • Man I love a strong opinion!! Thank you my brother for your support! I appreciate your stance too on the subject matter! I value your feedback Tone! Thanks again.. GI till we die! LOL

  8. I think there is definitely something going on behind the music business, politics, movie stars etc…For years I have been hearing about them selling their souls and sacrificing love ones for riches and fame and I honestly think its true…If you listen to goodie mob soul food cd, everything they was talking about is happening now. Alot of Tupac music and interviews where he is talking about how he sold his sold and he wants out so now they want to kill him or how he talks about killing illuminati. Really dont think it had anything to do with Biggie or the person they claimed killed him and I feel the same way about alot of other stars that died. Just seems strange…Its alot of people that think illuminati or this mason talk is just talk because we are so use to looking at things a certain way, but sometimes we have to really listen and pay attention to whats really going on behind what they want us to see…Just my opinion

    • Third eye, I appreciate your feedback and support! I agree there is definitely somethin going on behind the visible reality! Keep the feedback coming! I need it! Thank you!

  9. This is for Third Eye. Tupac talked about killing the Illuminati because he felt like all the talk about the Illuminati was taking our people eye off the prize and that it was something to scare us i.e. A Boogy Man. Tupacs interviews were very thought provoking but he gets a lot of underserved respect for his music. His music wasn’t very deep at all. No if you want to talk about Hip Hop with a very deep and thought provoking message go back and listen to Paris, The Coup, Brand Nubian and other groups that were out in the early 90’s. Hell, the Poor Righteous Teachers came out with a song called Holy Intellect. As far as the Masons go, a lot of people have come up with very slanderous accusations against the Masonic lodge because they either don’t know and wish they knew what they were about or they make things up. I always tell people if they want to learn more about Masonry all they have to do is open up a BIBLE. This is good stuff Sish. Keep it coming.

  10. Big Tone I hear what you are sayin but I disagree…Everybody see things differently and alot of Tupac words were deep to me because he wasnt afraid to speak what was really going on behind what they wanted the public eye to see. As far as people speaking about these things to scare us yeah at times the truth can be scary…What about the man that put alot of this information out on videos about Masonics that said he was being threatened for posting all of those videos for the public to see…He was found dead…just a little suspicious dont you think…

  11. Who was this man. I watched the videos and laughed all the way through them because they were B.S. to me. I found it sad and hilarious that some people refused to research some of his claim on their own. Pac spoke well. Some of the things he said were valid but Pacs music was a different story. Beside “Keep your head up” , “Brenda got a baby”, & “I wonder if Heaven got a ghetto” what other songs did he do to uplift and teach? Don’t worry I’ll wait. Pac had a lot to say its just sad that the majority of his music and actions did not exemplify this super deep thinker. He spoke well but his actions told a different story. Like Chris Rock said “Pac and Biggie didn’t get assasinated those niggas got shot.” I would still like to know the name of the man that put out those videos because I don’t know his name. I do know that he was incorrect about EVERYTHING he said about Masonry. I’ve been a Mason for years and I have never been put in a position that made me go against my family or religious beliefs. Never.

  12. “Evil,” “satan,” “devil,” or simply negativity in general can be found in anything on this planet. Hip Hop is not exempt from this natural phenomena. I think in Kanye’s case, he’s a lyricist so unless you can personally ask him what his lyrics mean, judging them or thinking you know what he is referring to is somewhat unfair. Its unfortunate that mass media is driven by negativity but that’s what AMERICANS have been taught to feed off of. There are some wolves in sheep’s clothing in alot of churches, that doesn’t mean all churches are bad….

    • Toby! Appreciate the support bro! And I agree to some extent with some of the points you raised.

      Look, you’re absolutely right, Sin is Sin, whether from a rapper, preacher, whoever!! HOWEVER,,when we were coming up bro, we all did, and some of us still do our fair share of dirt, am I right? But when did we start blatantly including Satanic symbolism and imagery on the surface?!?! Cmon now bra! When we were coming up, “WE” didn’t do that,,them alternative, marilyn mansion type folk did that mess!! These artist aren’t stupid, they know whats going on! My thing is if you’re doing this mess for the hype, which we all know any type of publicity, whether negative or positive is great for these folks, we still have to hold these cats responsible for the message they put out! I work with youth everyday bra, they are heavily influenced (Like we were back in the 90’s) by hip hop, and popular hip hop artist today! Whatever the case, be it a P.R. move to get more record sells, or if these cats are really involved with satanic worship, its all strange to me… And yes I quoted Kanye, and no I don’t claim to know what he meant, all I have is what he said.. I emailed the brotha months ago, he’s never got back with me! So its still up for debate what he meant!! LOL Holla back!! Peace!!

  13. I don’t believe that it’s just Hip Hop that’s has satanic worship in it but it can be found in ALL music R&B, country, blues, rock, yes even Christian. Think about it, that was satan’s job in heaven was the music. He was the choir, contrary to what many have been taught there is no choir in Heaven. Satan was the choir he was created with tambourines and pipes in him. HIs job was to worship God with not just his voice (words) but also with instruments (beat). He knows he is defeated but I believe he really wants to throw it in God’s face as if to say to God “the very thing you anointed me with to worship you I’m going to use it to have people worship me”. Like Karen said look at video’s they have nothing to do with the lyrics or listen to the lyrics they are meaningless. It all has a reason behind it. The dual personalities, songs saying different things when played backwards, It all has things to do with satanism. Satanism is built on symbolism. Yes, “the Illuminati” may not seem as if it is a secret but even them letting things come out in the open is all part of their plan because they know a lot of people would be like “oh that’s not true if its a secret how do the world know about it, it’s just entertainment”, and will blow it off as if it is nothing. Satan has a plan to take as many people to Hell with him as possible and he will do that through deception. Bottom line is if it’s not glorifying God who is it glorifying?

  14. Is hip hop of the devil? In the simplest form, and not to attack those who genuinely love certain aspects of the culture like graffiti art (legally) and other forms of personal expression, i am not against personal expression as long as it’s law abiding and moral. But when you look at Hip Hop today, the general overall message it sends, does it glorify God or does it degrade and demean Him and what he stands for??

    The only argument a person could use to say that Hip Hop does glorify God is the fact that people are perfecting and using the gifts and talents God gave them. True, but are they using their gifts to bring attention to the gift-giver or to themselves?

    If the art doesn’t glorify God but man, and in many cases Hip Hop’s expression glorifies pure evil, murder, drug abuse, promiscuity, drunkeness, ect. a person can only logically conclude that Hip Hop is of the devil.

  15. I believe that if Satan is the “god of this world”, he is fully capable of pushing his agenda through these lost souls. Some people tend to think that music is just another form of entertainment but I beg to differ. Music has the power and ability to alter the moods and psyche of a person. I’m not knocking anyone else’s choice but my family and I choose to do as the Bible states:Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart TO THE LORD. (Ephesians 5:19)

    • Thank you so much my friend for your response, and I totally agree with you on the fact that music can definitely control the mind of an individual! It is definitely not just a form of entertainment! Bless ya!

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